Justin Bieber’s BFFs Lil Twist & Lil Za: Who Are They?

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Instagram (@justinbieber)

Instagram (@justinbieber)

Remember when that paparazzo tried to snap a picture of Justin Bieber in his Ferrari, but was killed crossing the street? It was actually Lil Twist in the driver’s seat. And when Justin was photographed appearing to be smoking marijuana? Lil Twist and Lil Za were reportedly there. Oh, and when the Biebs partied in Vegas and added a fresh, (possibly) Selena Gomez-inspired tattoo to his collection? That was for Twist’s birthday.

It seems every time we hear the name Justin Bieber nowadays, Lil Twist and Lil Za aren’t too far behind; most recently, when reports surfaced that the singer was spotted surrounded by sizzurp (promethazine with codeine syrup). Though no one’s confirmed or denied those specific allegations, it’s still clear that the twosome plays a huge part in the 18-year-old’s lifestyle. So, who are Lil Twist and Lil Za? We’re digging in…

Lil Twist (a.k.a. Christopher Moore) is a rapper signed to Young Money, like Drake and Nicki Minaj. He’s 20 years old, but started his music career early on — he even got to open for Lil Wayne when he was 12 years old. Impressive!



Lil Za refers to himself as The Youngest Balla on YouTube. Though he hasn’t uploaded a new video in quite some time, you can definitely tell he’s a prankster with vids titled “LIL ZA SCARES HIS FRIEND KAYLA WIT TAZZER GUN!!!” “LIL ZA SCARES HIS SISTER WIT TAZZER GUN!!!!” and “LIL ZA SCARES HIS MOTHER WIT TAZZER GUN!!”

Instagram (@theworldshero)

Instagram (@theworldshero)

Similarly to Justin, both Lil Twist and Lil Za have an obsession with tattoos.



In April of 2012, Lil Twist brought Justin Bieber onto the stage at the Tyga concert during the Careless world tour. The following day, LT released their first Instagram picture together. The caption read, “Me & my Lil brother @JustinBieber killin it last night in LA!!!!”

Instagram (@liltwist)

Instagram (@liltwist)

Since then, the trio’s been clogging up our Instagram and Twitter feeds (not that we’re complaining or anything). Especially since JB’s break-up with Selena.



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  • Tiana

    hey there u look so sexy OMG BOYZ LOL

  • Amaya

    I feel that Justin needs to find new friends! The friends he has is just causing him to get into more trouble and that’s not cool!

  • Music lives

    Really? Justin needs new friends. All they seem to do is drive his car and use his stuff.
    Now he’s peeing in buckets and threading club
    Goers ?

    Fame needs to come with a certain level
    Of respect

  • Ayanda .M

    Its their life not anyone else’s yall are not sharing it are you No so stop judging other ppls lives geez who cares if they love tatoos nd smoke nd go crazy once in a while com’on ppl leave them alone just becoz their famous nd shit dnt mean they don’t deserve privacy nd they can’t make mistakes they are humans too yu knw some ppl need to stop hating wake up nd smell the coffee nd realize that they really dnt give a damn bwt wht yu think unfortunately,if u think they dd well guess what?! You thought WRONG

  • alexis


  • Darrenlyn

    1) Who cares? 2) We still love Justin. He just needs a new big bro A$AP. :) 3) Follow me. @truelyfakelove and tell me to follow back! <3 :*

    • Nylnerrad

      Justin is the universe’s biggest douchebag and the fact that he can’t be bothered to keep his friends from destroying their neighborhood (including THREATENING THEIR NEIGHBORS) only proves it.

      • Brittany T.

        Who the hell cares if they did that and maybe his neighbors deserve that bullshit