Win a Valentine’s Day Phone Call From Big Time Rush!

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We have a feeling this is one Valentine’s Day treat you’ll never forget! If you find yourself sans sweetheart this year, don’t worry because Teen is here to play Cupid! Sort of. One very lucky reader will get a personal phone call from a member of Nickelodeon’s hit boy band Big Time Rush on February 14!

That’s right, you’ll get the chance to chat with all four of the guys — Logan Henderson, James Maslow, Kendall Schmidt and Carlos Pena! You can ask them about season four of Big Time Rush, their upcoming tour, and much more! Also,  make sure you’re available after 3 PM PST to chat on Thursday February 14. And sorry, but this one is just for U.S. Rushers, but still make sure to like our Facebook page for upcoming BTR exclusives, and much more!

What are you waiting for?! Enter now!


STEP 1: LIKE on Facebook

STEP 2: Fill out the entry form below and hit submit! In the email field, be sure to use the email address used on your Facebook so we can verify that you’re a fan of on Facebook.

This sweepstakes ended February 13, 2013 at 3 PST.

Awesome legal disclaimer: This Sweepstakes is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook.

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Sorry, this Contest Ended on 2/13/2013

  • claudia

    James i love you i wunt to say i hpe that james .can you my can you be
    Mine valentine…day spariel name work
    Places pink me to win more to my
    Pukey wukiey carlos you…are my chusch

    Logan you.. Are changer .chand on me
    Are fan claudia

  • claudia

    Big time. Rush can i have to
    Tal you my friend put my
    Name work james you are
    My boyfriend you
    Will luagtg about
    Are fan claudia

  • Claire

    I ♥ Kendall & James!
    I love the hit ‘If I Ruled The World’!

  • Mariam

    I love BTR and I hope I win! :*

  • Janet

    winning a call would be awesome because i am very upset because i don’t want to celebrate valentine’s day anymore because my grandfather that i didn’t meet passed away and it would really make my day.

  • Elizabeth Ludwig

    What i think about this is that I have Entered EVERY contest that BTR has had and I have NOT WON A SINGLE CONTEST!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, HOPEFULLY I can win this contest so that It will make my Valentine’s Day A little better. Also, I am a Maryland (United States) Rusher and Just to Hear James Maslow’s voice would make Me Melt from the inside out! and to hear Carlos Pena Jr’s and Kendall Schmidt’s voice’s would make me melt from the inside out too!!!!!! Just to let you all know, I have been a RUSHER of BTR Since I was 6yrs old when i saw Carlos Pena Jr as “The King Bee” of his Spelling bee that was competing against Ned Bigby’s (Devon Werkheiser) James K. Polk Middle School’s Spelling bee Team on Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide TV Show on Nick, Saw Kendall Schmidt on Phil of the Future on Disney Channel as Pam’s (Kay Pennebaker’s sister?) date to Her’s school’s Dance, and Saw James Maslow on ICarly on the 2nd Season Premiere Episode which was “I Saw him first” where Carly (Miranda Cosgrove) and Sam Puckett (Jeanette McCurdy) where having a Crush on Freddie Benson’s (Nathan Kress) AV Club Member’s friend (Meaning that they were both in the AV Club together.) That Just so Proves that I have been a long time fan of BTR and that I Have grown Up with BTR and that I should deserve to Win this Phone Call from BTR. I Just hope that will pick me as the winner because I have been Trying to Enter contests just like this won and I have ALWAYS LOST! :( I need to know what people do to win contests like this!

    I Think will pick me to be the winner because I am MARYLAND’S AND WORLDWIDE’S BTR FAN AND I WILL WIN THIS PRIZE!!!!!!!!!!!


    • Brittany

      They don’t pick you by comments, They pick randomly (: I hope i win by it’s just a chance

  • Haley

    I would love to win. I just entered my entry, but does it still count? Big Time Rush is my life!

  • Paige

    Living in the UK suck, we never get any BTR competitions


  • nancy henderson rusher

    I’m from Mexico and I did not come to my call only to U.S. but hey thanks for making happy a rusher that will not be me

  • Avee

    It’d be awesome to win (: It’d be great to talk to them on Valentine’s Day & maybe talk about how you love them, it is a day dedicated to not only couples but to people we love (: *spread the love <3 (:

  • Ravin Davis

    This page says, “This sweepstakes ends February 12, 2013 at noon PST. Good luck!”…I’d like to enter this contest, like the page states that I can, but as I see in the red lettering above,
    “Sorry, this Contest Ended on 2/11/2013” it has ended early. I believe that I should still be able to enter. HELP!

  • rubi

    i hope i wain i love big time rush please

  • Kerry Gander

    OMG I really really hope I win that phone call from BTR on my valentines day!!! That would be an amazing birthday gift. Please pick me so the guys can wish me happy birthday and I can ask Kendall if I can be his WWG.

  • Bri

    hope i win

  • Annel

    I got over 6,000 entries! I hope I win :’)

    • Gali-BTR’sCoverGirlSchmidt

      you counted????

      • Annel


  • Maddie

    I am not going to win because of all the rushers out there. I LOVE YOU JAMES

  • Annmarie

    Literally entered this over 1000 times a day! Hope it all pays off! :)

  • erik ladd norsetter

    I am your bigest fan #1

  • braian

    oi big time po0so oartisipa do sel pogramas eu moro no brasil em curitiba

  • Madeline

    No fair I don’t have Facebook so I can’t sign up for this or the beautiful creatures signed book

  • felicia postma

    Hi btr
    I Love Logan!!!!!!!!!!!!! The music sounds better with Big Time Rush!

  • love


  • kristin

    this would be really cool these boys are wonderful. I don’t have a valentine this year and just to have 4 awesome guys call me would make my year. plus hearing james would make me melt just saying :)

  • Brittany

    Winning a phone call on Valentines Day from Big Time Rush would be amazing!! Talking to my favorite idols would be so awesome! It would mean the world to me <3

  • jenny