Happy Valentine’s Day with Taylor Swift and These GIFs!

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Don’t even try to argue with us on this one; Taylor Swift is THE queen of relateable love songs. Got a problem with your flirtationship, significant other, unrequited love, or ex? There’s an app a T. Swift song for that! In honor of Valentine’s Day, we’re turning to our girl Taylor to represent the spectrum of your luuurve life. Because, honestly, who else could?

Sometimes we listen to Taylor Swift’s music and it’s just, like,
she KNOWS your life and that’s all you want.


Whether you’re free as a bird…


Or crazy in love…


Or daydreaming about your crush…


Or kinda… errr… “upset” over a past relationship mistake
and not quite at the point where you can go…


There’s Taylor Swift. Emoting…


Dispensing advice…


Partaking in an epic hair flip…


Getting jiggy with it…


Always there.


It’s kind of amazing.


So if you need something to get you through this lovey-dovey season, just remember that Taylor Swift hearts you — yes, you! (Or she at least loves writing songs that you will love/will never ever, ever, ever be able to get out of your head.)


Kisses, y’all! Have a happy V-Day, just for us, no matter your relationship status.


Get ‘Wonderstruck’ by Taylor Swift This V-Day!

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  • shaney

    haha, the bird arms, she does quite often

  • Patty

    Aww! Now I don’t feel all bad about being #Single for this years V-day. <3 Love ya'll. Thanks~