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While we found a bunch of things wrong with Glee‘s “Naked” episode last week — please feel free to agree or disagree with us here — there’s just so much that looks right about tonight’s show, “Diva.” (Whether or not we’ll feel that way afterward is still TBD.)

For starters, Santana’s back! As seen in this preview, the former Cheerio dons her college cheerleading outfit and returns to McKinley after learning that her two of her exes, Sam — remember when they dated? — and Brittany, are dating. And she’ll bring the fire with Tina Turner’s “Nutbush City Limits.” As for the other members of New Directions, get ready to see them in full-out diva clothing. Wait ’til you see Blaine’s boa. It’s just magical.

“Diva” will be live on FOX in just a half hour. So, make sure to join in the conversation on our message board below before, during and after the show, then tune in for our recap tomorrow morning!

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