Caption This Pic of Selena Gomez on the Mic!

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Selena Gomez is no stranger to microphones. Whether she’s presenting at an awards show or performing one of her hits songs, Selena defintely knows her way around one of those bad boys. However, earlier this week, it appears that Selena got distracted while using one, and is giving an “aw man” look to someone off in the distance. What do you think caused Selena to make that face? Here’s your moment to let your funny side shine! How would you caption this?



Selena’s Newest Hobby? Bible Study!

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  • Tori

    OOh, so THAT’S where i wrote Logan Henderson’s number. I was looking everywhere for it. Right. Now that i’ve found it i’m so excited. what should i wear?

  • Sammie

    Look at this hand! It’s a nice hand! Stare at the hand!

  • Naomy

    “Oh,where is my ring? “

  • Missy

    All you haters! Read between the lines!!


    It was THIS BIG!!!!

  • Missy

    Uhh…uhh…what was i saying? Oh yeah! I wrote the notes on my hand.

  • Maddie

    Oh, hey! I’m kinda in the middle of a concert right now, but come on up here so we can chat!

  • Ella

    “Oh look, I’m holding a microphone. But I can’t sing to save my life. I’m famous anyway for some reason though. Oh well!”

    • Myra

      That’s not very nice. Selena Gomez is a very good singer! And if you’re a hater, why are you even on here? Let’s see you win awards and sing at sold-out concerts!

      • Ella

        First things first. A) She most certainly is not a very good singer. Listen to her live cover of “You Belong With Me”, and if you have been blessed with the power of hearing then you’ll realise that her studio recordings consist of 99% autotune. B) I’m not a hater, I just have good taste, and have every right to be on here. and C) I am a REAL musician. Winning awards is not always an indicator of talent (COUGH JUSTIN BIEBER). I dedicate myself to the stage, which is a REAL art. Out and OUT.

    • Amber

      You try to sing and see who comes. Probably nobody… but if Selena Gomez were performing, the arena would fill up like nobody’s business. So think before you say something like that next time.

      • Ella

        Oh puh-lease, you don’t even know me and have never heard me perform. I can bloody hold a tune, unlike Selena Gomez. She’s taken advantage of this silly American “Disney Channel” thing where cute-looking squeaky teenagers can get famous without any talent. I’m constantly reassured that I am talented, so stop being so immature and think before you speak. God, people like you really need to grow up and live in the real world.

      • Gracie

        I agree. To all you haters out there, go watch her perform Who Says on her South American tour. Those people don’t speak English as their first language but can sing Who Says and all of her other songs at the top of their lungs in English? That’s a fan base.

    • Kaitlyn

      Selena is an amazing singer! Not the best, but still better than the trashy artist out there today.

      If you’re such a “real musician”, why hasn’t anyone heard of you?

      • Ella

        Lordy, you Selena fans are bonkers. She IS one of the trashy artists of today. Secondly, how do you know if anyone has ever heard of me? You don’t even know my real name, age or location. VERY SECURE information you’ve got there judging me…anyway, real musicians don’t have to be well known. Talent is talent, passion is passion, and at the end of the day these will endure, unlike, in your words “the trashy artists out there today”. But you’re probably too ignorant to understand that.

      • Tori

        (sigh) Selena’s talented. You’re the only one denying it. I think she’s amazing. but that’s my opinion and that was urs. that’s fine. full stop. move on….

  • Kennedie

    Hmm…. My fortune says here I’m never getting back together with justin