Justin Bieber Says The Black Keys Drummer “Should Be Slapped”

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Instagram (@justinbieber)

Instagram (@justinbieber)

While some, like Scooter Braun, were outraged over Justin Bieber‘s lack of a nomination at the 2013 Grammy Awards, others were not as surprised. In fact, some might even say the 18-year-old’s not deserving of one of the coveted honors. One such person being Patrick Carney, the drummer from The Black Keys.

On the night of the Grammys, the rock band cleaned house, snagging wins for Best Rock Performance, Best Rock Album and Best R&B Album. After the ceremony, the group was swarmed by fans and media outlets. And when Patrick was asked if Justin should feel snubbed for his non-recognition, the rocker responds with a simple, “He’s rich, right? […] Grammys are for, like, music; not for money… and he’s making a lot of money. He should be happy.”

However, Justin, who spent the earlier part of his weekend cracking jokes and performing on Saturday Night Live, was not too pleased with the jab. Once he learned of the insult, he turned to Twitter, tweeting:

Now comes the part where you chime in. It would be easy to say you’re Team Bieber all the way, but really think of the situation. Do you think Patrick Carney has a point and Justin should revel in his riches? Or do you believe the Biebs was deserving of a nomination at the Grammys for BELIEVE? And what do you think of JB’s comeback? Tell us your opinions in the comments below or on our Justin Bieber message board!

How Justin Bieber Spent His Grammys Night

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  • Cassandra

    No, Justin is NOT Talented at all in my opinion. Grammys are for MUSIC and NOT for money

  • Elizabeth

    He Totally should have gotten an award.Though i don’t get to listen to his music as often as i like I’ve still heard several songs from his album Believe and i think that they’re absolutely AMAZING!!!

  • camren

    although i love justin, i don’t think believe deserved a nom, there really wasn’t any outstanding songs like the other pop albums in his category. scooter kept tweeting about statistics of how big his album is, but truth is, and fortunately this is the truth, Grammys are still all about the music, not popularity or money like those other award shows, like people’s choice or something. the Grammys are still awards about how the music is. it doesn’t matter if its a turning point in his career, if the music isn’t that great compared to the others in the category, too bad.

    • Raejah

      please shut up

      • Angie

        I kind of agree with camren. I agree with all her stuff that shes talking about but justin worked hard to get this far and he is pretty talented for an 18 year old. But i don’t think he worked hard enough to win a Grammy. I think he should get his head out of the clouds of romance and fun and focus a little bit more on music. But i’m sure if works hard this year he’ll be able to get a little closer to that Grammy. :)

  • ivan

    People think that because he is a teen pop idol he is not worthy of consideration. I know something about singing and music and this guy is the real thing. At 18, he has accomplished what few if any 18 year olds have done in the music industry. He also has been highly praised by a lot of heavyweights in the music industry although he does have envious haters. If you see him in person at his Believe concert you will see what an amazing performer he is. I have seen a lot of performers over the years and this kid is for real.

  • isabella

    I think Justin deserved a nomination for this album, not for his other one’s. Believe was definitely a turning point in his career and the album was fantastic, a lot more mature than My World 2.0

  • Melanie


    • Isabel

      hahaha. He’s already been nominated. He didn’t win. He might have been snubbed, but he wouldn’t have beaten Kelly Clarkson, Mumford & Sons, or Adele. Justin really should be appreciating what he has. Hard work doesn’t always lead to awards and recognition. I know he didn’t join the business to win Grammys, but IMO he was acting a little immature. He should be grateful for what he has and hope to get luckier next year. Does he deserve a Grammy? If he makes a really good album next year, he might break the streak.