Find Out Which Celebrity Was Voted Most Favorite Aquarius!

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RWD/Teen Vogue

RWD/Teen Vogue

The competition for Favorite Celebrity Aquarius was fierce. And after wiping out Logan Lerman, Rebel Wilson, Avan Jogia, a star from The Vampire Diaries, four Gleeks and more, British besties Harry Styles and Ed Sheeran took the top two spots. But there are no ties in our survival games. So, after you all voted, then winner of the grand title is…

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  • April

    Ed Sheeran and Harry Styles are both talented in their own ways, and they both deserved to win.

  • Mix_1D_Ed

    I Really think there both good so i can say they both deserved it but harry got lucky<3!

  • erica

    Yes harry totally deserves this he sooooooooooooooooo AMAZAYN!!!! I love harr ystyles

  • Skylar

    Well, Ed Sheeran actually has talent. I think we all can tell because he was the one at the Grammys. Plus, Ed Sheeran performed with SIR Elton John. That takes talent, but I guess talent does not matter when you have a legion of screaming fan girls behind you.

    • Dream

      You took the words right out of my mouth; Ed Sheeran had more talent in his little finger than all of one direction put together could ever dream of having. Amen to that.

  • Just That Girl…

    I think if Harry won then all the Ed Sheeran lovers must move on and try again next time, i for one think Harry deserved to win.

    • Skylar

      “None of us is entitled to anything. We get what we get, not because we want it or because it’s unfair if we don’t get it, but because we earn it, we respect it, and only if we share it do we keep it.” In other words, LOLOLOL. NO.

  • shahad

    Ed is way better than harry

    • Julia

      I`m agree :(

    • eqr 2

      die bitch

  • Eve

    YAY!!!!!!!!! im so happy Harry won!!!!

  • emm

    I used to like 1D but now i like My Chemical Romance….. but good job anyway harry

  • Denise

    Ed is way better than Harry… Just saying.

    • Emma

      Tell it like it is, sistah. That styles guy is stupid.

  • Vics

    Ed Sheeran all the way :(

  • Niveda

    WOW. i knew harry would win because of all the directioners :\

  • alex


  • alex