Quiz: Which Celebrity’s Closet Would You Like to Steal?

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selena-gomez-adidas-0smhSome days we stare into the abyss of our closet and think, ‘I have absolutely nothing to wear.’ Then, we think about how amazing life would be if we had access to Taylor Swift’s sundress collection or Selena Gomez’s closet full of the freshest trends. So we partnered with our friends at adidas NEO Label to create a quiz to see which celeb closet you should steal! Let us know your results in the comments.


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7 Responses to "Quiz: Which Celebrity’s Closet Would You Like to Steal?"

  1. Teen.com
    lilypad4 says:

    I would take Taylor swift!!!! Her sense of fashion is amazing! so would want to steal all her clothes!

  2. Teen.com
    F-Hottie wit a swimmers body;) says:

    I’d take Betty White’s!!!

  3. Teen.com
    yolo2001 says:

    I would steal Selena Gomez’s close!!!
    t is amazing

  4. Teen.com
    Asia exavier says:

    I would’ve steal selena gomez closet because i mean come on people she dresses amazingly!!!!!!!!!

  5. Teen.com
    Jordan says:

    I would go in Selena’s closet and borrow some of her clothes.

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