REPORT: Ariana Grande and Boyfriend Jai Brooks Split Up

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Instagram (@arianagrande)

Instagram (@arianagrande)

Although they shared what appeared to be a picture-perfect relationship, Ariana Grande and boyfriend Jai Brooks have reportedly called it quits after less than a year of dating.

The Victorious star’s rep confirms the break-up exclusively to Just Jared Jr., stating: “The distance played a major role as it was hard to maintain a relationship so far away. They remain close friends.”

It seems like only yesterday we were introduced to Ari’s 17-year-old Australian beau from YouTube comedy group The Janoskians (an acronym for Just Another Name of Silly Kids in Another Nation). Though some say they became a couple as early as last summer, it was their publicized New Year’s Eve midnight kiss that solidified the fact that they were an item to fans. In better times, the two were ever so adorable as they made videos of doing each other’s makeup. Yes, even Ariana did Jai’s beauty look, eyeshadow and everything. (Watch here and here.)

Now, Ariana’s keeping busy filming Sam & Cat, the spin-off/crossover series of Victorious and iCarly, alongside real-life best friend Jennette McCurdy. The Nickelodeon show is set to premiere on the network this spring.

Arianators, how are you feeling about the split? Do you think her and Jai will get back together in the future? Or can you picture her with someone else? Leave us your thoughts in the comments!

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  • amanda

    stay as friend is better than losing a friendship and seeing what happens in their future

    • Breanna

      You right amanda

      • Breanna

        Sabrina carpenter soon your going to see me on TV, because I’m working with these people that can make my dream come true. Guess what I’m going to see if I made it today and today is 282014

      • Breanna

        There calling me between 6-8 and sabrinayou and rowan are my inspection

      • Breanna

        Oh ever y’all are all of you are Awesome

      • Breanna

        I need to tell y’all I didn’t get be a actress because it cost 2,000 dollers but it was nice to know I got accepted

      • Breanna

        Today 28,2015 I’m going to my cousin baseball game at 5:45 .

    • Breanna

      Your right Amanda

    • Breanna

      Thats deep

  • olivia

    they are still together people are just jealous because the aren’t as pretty as Ariana and yes I agree that Mac Miller and Ariana should be together but I think her and Jai
    are cute together

  • shanta

    I think there such a beautiful couple I think she should be with mac Miller too

  • casey taylor

    I think they really like each other because need to call me to help them out.

  • Christina

    Guys , They Are Still Together . They Love Each Other And Jariana Isnt Over . As A Janoskianator , I Know This For A Fact

  • Jess

    I think her and Mac Miller look super cute together. and their music video solidifies that.

    • kamalani mansinon

      her and mac miller need to be together she needs to get that not like she never did lol

  • Emily

    It’s sad that they’re over, but i’m glad they’re still friends haha.

  • Jessica

    Hurts to know they’re over. Saw Jai’s tweet about it to a fan :/ they still love each other. I feel like this is just temporary I guess

    • shanta

      I think there such a beautiful couple I think she should be with mac Miller too

  • Darrenlyn

    OMFG. This sucks! I was really rooting for them. Aww they were too perf. @truelyfakelove

  • Christina

    Love the janoskians lol:D

  • Lily

    I am sorry but I doubt Jariana is over. Those pictures of Jai commenting on facebook are fake because his profile picture is still Ariana and him! Plus he flew out there to spend Valentines Day with her. AND James posted the Keek of them at her place. If they are over, I still respect them both and love them and always will but nothing adds up.

  • Daniel

    I follow his Instagram he just posted a picture of them kissing I’m so confused.