From Our BFFs: Is Ed Sheeran Taylor Swift’s Latest Fling?

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Are Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran doing more than making music together? [PopCrush]

On another T.Swift note, she may be developing a sense of humor about herself. [Crushable]

ICYMI, Justin Bieber and Drake‘s single debuted this week. [HuffPost Teen]

Keep your eyes and ears open, Selenators. Selena Gomez‘s new album is “coming soon!” [Just Jared Jr.]

There’s actually an easy way to mimic Beyonce. [HelloGiggles]

Rebel Wilson and Channing Tatum: the ultimate (comedic) couple. [ClevverTV]

What do you do when your BFFs break up with each other? [Gurl]

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  • Stevie

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  • Taran

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  • Faith

    There is nothing going on between them.

  • Rizchy

    Came over from Salt’s page! Love your blog!!! While I am a fan of black eye makeup her’s just looks like soomnee punched her in the eyes. Not attractive.

  • Priya

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  • Abby

    Honestly, I don’t like the fact that they could be dating, but I’m not going to change their decision whether they date or not with these negative comments that I AM NOT going to post!!!!!!!!!!!!! And neither can you!! So, I would just chill out for those haters who like to hatee!!!!!!!!!! It’s their life and their decisions and I respect their choice..and so should you!! So, just chill out and let’s see if this is just ANOTHER RUMOR made by fans or not!!!!!!!!

  • Marie


    • girly;)


  • Ariella

    He’s smarter than falling for Taylor, trust me.

    1. In a recent MTV interview they asked him if he would ever consider dating Taylor and he responded very quickly with “Uhhhhhh no.”

    2. He always says that he would just about never date a celebrity because of the media attention just like this.

    3. His manager was quick to deny anything but friendship between them.

    Ed really isn’t as clueless as everyone makes him out to be. He knows what girls not to get into a relationship with.

  • Mel

    Well that is just not true.

  • costena


  • John

    Let’s not jump to conclusions here. However, if you want my honest opinion on all of this, I wouldn’t doubt it if something like that would eventually happen, between Swift and Sheeran, although judging by this picture, Sheeran isn’t what I’d necessarily call a “looker.”

    I predict Taylor will briefly date, then dump him, and then pen a song about him. Next, she’ll hook up with Max Martin and Shellback again (maybe even Dr. Luke for “good measure”), send it out to radio and make millions based off all of her mindless fans willing to rush out to stores to get such a disposable tune (or purchase it off of iTunes). I generally prefer her older material, but was beyond disappointed when she released generic throwaway songs like We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together and I Knew You Were Trouble. Now, with daily exposure in the media, constant ad campaigns, and a perfume, it seems that fame really has gone to this doll’s head.

  • Priscilla

    Let her date whoever she young

  • Tara

    Please if she needed new material she could just get inspiration from other people’s love lives that’s not it she is probably happy that so many guys are into her and doesn’t know how to say no yeah it’s kinda immature but if you think about it she didn’t really have that normal teenager stage

  • emm

    Well, she is just using the innocent boys for new material! It’s just a game to her! She just wants more money in the bank.

  • CeCe

    Honestly, I think people just need to butt out of her love life. They’re just friends and they’ve expressed in interviews that they’re friends. Boys and girls are allowed to be friends, y’know.