Battle of the ‘Delirium’ Guys: Daren Kagasoff vs. Gregg Sulkin

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Emma Roberts has quite the decision on her hands! The Secret Life of the American Teenager‘s Daren Kagasoff and Pretty Little LiarsGregg Sulkin will each star with her in FOX’s upcoming Delirium pilot as her love interests, Julian Fineman and Alex Sheathes, respectively. While we’re not exactly sure how the show will actually go, it’s safe to say we feel a love triangle coming on.

Based on the best-selling YA trilogy written by Lauren Oliver, Delirium centers on a society that has banned love. However, that doesn’t stop Lena (Emma) from falling for two guys. The first guy she falls for is a cop named Alex. In the trilogy’s second book, Pandemonium, she ends up falling for Julian, whose father is a huge supporter of the anti-love procedure.

So by the looks of it, the FOX pilot will be combining the books to make for one epic love triangle. In the books (and possibly on the series), Lena has to choose between these two fellas, so we’re making you do the same! Which guy would you go for — Daren or Gregg? Cast your vote in the poll!

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  • Allie

    FYI, Alex is not a cop, he is a part time guard at the labs, not a cop!

  • Ashley

    If I’m not basing it on the books because I havent read them, I would definitely go with Daren because whenever he acts, he makes you fall for him, whether hes the bad boy or the sweet one that changes his life for one girl. I love Gregg but Daren just has an undeniable quality that makes everyone love him.

  • Monica


  • Karina

    most of you guys are only picking Gregg because he’s cute. If you read the books, you’d most likely pick Daren because he plays Alex and I love Alex. (There’s a reason he won the ‘swooniest boy character’ award.) I mean, just read the books, you’ll know what I’m talking about <3

  • Hunter

    In the book Alex no questions but for the movie I’m going with Gregg :)

  • stacy

    Darren is super sexy he deserves the part I love him

  • stacy

    Daren is so sexy he deserves to be in delirium he is more manly I love him


    I think Gregg Sulkin is a cutie!
    I love his accent!!!

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  • Maram

    I dunno what to choose.

  • Yadira

    OK POSERS. If you had read the book you would say DAREN, because of his character. Gregg’s character is cute…but DAREN’S! I mean… i like Gregg the most, but because of the character i’ll chose Daren 😉
    Read the books people.

  • susie

    My vote went to Daren Kagasoff because I think he is hotter than Gregg. Don’t get me wrong, Gregg is cute but he’s a little boyish for me in the looks department. Daren on the other hand is more manly and rugged and that’s what I like.

  • mecca

    i think that Gregg sulkin because i love him:)