Quiz: Which Disney Prince Do You Belong With?

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We all love Disney movies. It’s just, like, a fact. And while most of the films are all about the Princesses, let’s not forget about the guys who woo them. Each of ’em has different qualities that make them great in their own way, but which one would you ride off into the sunset with? Take the quiz to find out which Disney Prince you belong with!


Find Your Disney Channel Alter Ego!

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  • Hiral

    I love disney

  • anne


  • Miryam

    Zombie Mode is an apt description. I have aullobtesy no happiness in my life. No real purpose in my life. I have no motivation to do anything. Why? I look back on my life and what have I really accomplished? Survival? I look around me and what do I really have? Things? Even today, my desperation to find purpose in my life I am reaching out via a computer, to people that I do not know, that yes they have similar problems, but not specific answers for me. Yes I am not alone in my problems, but I am very alone in my life. All of my actions have been self serving and or misguided hence I find myself alone in my life. This loneliness is not a feeling; it is fact.

  • Awokonaduokyere

    L like to learn more