‘PLL’ Recap: 5 Theories We Have After the Season 3 Finale

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Another season of Pretty Little Liars has come to an end, but, though some loose ends were tied up in the “A Dangerous Game” finale — Spencer kidnapped Malcolm so she could prove to Mona that she’s on the “A” team; Toby is alive; Red Coat was revealed, etc. — we’re still left with more questions than when the episode first began. However, we do have some theories…

1. This isn’t the last you’ve seen of Ezria. Okay, so this isn’t the most “Ahh, that’s interesting” theory; it’s more like an inevitability. But we just had to touch upon the latest rift in Ezra and Aria’s relationship. Sure, it’ll be hard considering he’s her teacher again, but why can’t they just keep their hands off of each other at school, and wait ’til they’re back in his apartment like the olden days?

ABC Family

ABC Family

2. Alison is Red Coat… or Alison’s twin is. Since forever and a day, we’ve believed that when the Little Liars thought they were hallucinating, they were actually seeing Ali or Ali’s identical sister. Reason being that the ABC Family show followed the Sara Shepard book series of the same title, making Mona part of the “A” team. Since Alison had a — SPOILER ALERT —  twin named Courtney no one knew about in the novels (who was crazy and switched places with the real Ali), it would make sense if the writers incorporated her in the TV plot as well.

Tumblr (lovingprettylittlegifs)

Tumblr (lovingprettylittlegifs)

3. Shana and/or Jenna is Firestarter. After Toby — yes, he’s alive! — and Spencer leave the lodge to meet Red Coat by the plane she came in on (NOTE: Remember? Ali had flying lessons!), they notice a hooded figure with a flashlight walking through the woods. This was at the same time someone, who we’re calling Firestarter, set the lodge up into flames while Hanna, Aria, Emily and Mona were inside. As Toby pursued the hooded person, he was bashed over the head from behind, and the lighter Firestarter used was placed next to him. Our theory: Shana or Jenna was the person who set the fire; Shana or Jenna was the hooded figure… or Melissa because she’s sketchy and was spotted hanging out with them earlier.

ABC Family

ABC Family

4. Jason’s in the trunk of Wilden’s police car. Guess we’re all supposed to accept the fact that the vehicle survived being submerged underwater for however long, eh? Whatever. What the girls discover from it is that Shana and Jenna dragged Wilden away after Ashley ran over him. And when the girls check the trunk, they all do their signature gasps. In the past, Emily’s mother mentioned another body, male, late teens, early 20s. Since it’s not Toby, we’re thinking this means the end of Jason DiLaurentis.

ABC Family

ABC Family

5. The hand coming out of ground is (slash was) Alison’s. During the Halloween episode, we saw this hand for the first time. What we never saw was the other hand helping the buried person out. At the time, PLL enthusiasts claimed that it was Alison’s hand because she was wearing Ali’s friendship bracelet. And, since Alison’s autopsy report confirmed dirt in her lungs, we’d like to jump on this theory… though it doesn’t explain her eventual death. Perhaps the person who pulled her out killed her for real afterward? So. Many. Questions!

ABC Family

ABC Family

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  • real_deal

    On the first haloween episode they showed allison was telling hannah the story about the girl who killed her sister, but what if the story was real?… Courtney (allisons twin sister) stabbed allison in the arm which ali exaggerated during the story and courtney was sent to a mental hospital, when courtney came to visit ali and courtney accidently got mixed and ali was sent back! Courtney then suddenly became friends with aria, hannah, emily and spencer and kept a diary. Filled with rage ali broke out of the hospital and murdered her sister and with the parents still thinking that “courtney” was in the hospital, ali stole the diary and became a getting people to join the rest of the way.

  • kristen roebuck

    i think that pretty little liars is a great show and i have seen ever episode and i am just saying that aria and ezra need to stay together and stop breaking up after every season that crazy….:)))

    !!!!but i love the show!!!!

  • Aisha


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  • Cady

    This episode is so amazing. I just watched it. Although it’s pretty complicated. There are so many questions inside my head. Is Mona good now or she’s still the part of the A Team? When did Spencer join the A Team? Did she join the A Team when she was in Radley or before that? And how did they (the A Team) let her join anyway? Weren’t they afraid that she would plan sth else or tell the girls??? Anyway, I cant wait to watch PLL season 4 (OMG! It’s so longggggg)

    • Hudson

      She joined during Radley and she only did so to protect her boyfriend but it was nice to see Spenc go dark though i am loving its consistent with the books

  • Midz

    I think that they are following the books and that Red Coat was Courtney and the girl coming out from the ground is Ali.

  • amy

    I dont’ think it’s Jason in the trunk. He’s too big of a charaacter because he’s Allie and Spencer’s brother. I don’t even know if its a body TBH. How many dead people could there possibly be in one town???

  • MusicGirl

    I think CeCe is in Wilden’s trunk because I don’t think Wilden would have a reason to kill Jason but he would have a reason to kill CeCe if she thought he killed Alison. I think Jason is dead but his body is in the morgue with the fake 901 free at last tattoo.

    • Cady

      I totally agree!

      • kristen

        me too