‘Glee’-cap: Why We’re Not Impressed with the “Guilty Pleasures” Episode

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Despite our love/hate relationship with Glee, we’ll always consider ourselves Gleeks. After the “Guilty Pleasures” episode, our feelings are leaning toward the middle of the spectrum. Some of the events were just not okay, like Rachel not completely flipping out on Brody. Hello, he’s a male hooker! Instead, she’s just like, “Yeah, it’s over. Meh.” Did she not think of the health concerns?? Girl needs to get a hold of herself. Besides that, we’re not totally sure New Directions — or the producers of the show — know what ‘guilty pleasures’ means…

1. Wham! “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go” is one of the duo’s cheesiest songs, but to call Wham! a guilty pleasure’s a little bit… rude, almost. Just our opinion though. Probably because we’re obsessed with “Last Christmas.”

Tumblr (blinanderchang)

Tumblr (blinanderchang)

2. Barry Manilow. “Copacabana” is the party song. If appreciating Lola (who was a showgirl) and Rico (who wore a diamond) is wrong, we don’t wanna be right.

Tumblr (f---yeahchord)

Tumblr (f—yeahchord)

3. Phil Collins. Umm, he’s Lily Collins‘ dad therefore he’s wonderful.

Tumblr (kurtisblainesteenagedream)

Tumblr (kurtisblainesteenagedream)

4. Spice Girls. We’ll say this as calmly as possible… SPICE GIRLS IS NOT A GUILTY PLEASURE!!! No one under the age of 40 should be ashamed to say that she’s into the British fivesome. Especially a bunch of teenagers. Like, ‘who do you think you are?’

Tumblr (incomparablyme)

Tumblr (incomparablyme)

5. ABBA. Or moreso Mamma Mia! Not seeing the translation here. Is it a guilty pleasure because of its Broadway musical status?

Tumblr (incomparablyme)

Tumblr (incomparablyme)

Guilty pleasures we’re willing to accept as actual guilty pleasures:

Kurt’s Richard Simmons workout

Tumblr (klinchel)

Tumblr (klinchel)

Jake’s love for Chris Brown and Bobby Brown tunes

Tumblr (ohmy-jarley)

Tumblr (ohmy-jarley)

Boyfriend Arms



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  • Cat

    It actually does make sense. A lot of younger people are picked on for liking older bands/acts like Phil Collins, and almost any guy is picked on for liking Abba or Barry Manilow or even Wham (I think it is because of the uber pop feel of the first and last and the fact that most Fanilows are middle aged women)
    I do not agree so much with Spice Girls coming from the girls, I mean the guys admitting (for any reason other than that the girls were “hot” would be a guilty pleasure though)
    I will admit I love all the acts but many people do not want to and it is actually not up to anyone else who your guilty pleasure is, because it is up to you if you feel weird about admitting that you like something.
    I will say though, I think Blaine has no problem admitting he likes either act he said he liked, but used them as cover ups for the fact that his real guilty pleasure is Sam.
    I also agree that while Copacabana is still very popular, Sam was not admitting he liked the song, rather then artist and while he is amazing, how many teenage guys are Fanilows…
    As for Spice Girls, I think it is more because they are now viewed as part of that awful pop invasion in the 90s and while they, BSB, Nsync, Britney and Christina were a good part of that, about 90% of the rest of the acts were not and they are lumped in, that is the guiltier side of it.

  • Katie

    I don’t see why people are saying this epidode is bad-it’s Glee! I mean, come on people!!!!!!

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  • AMY

    Are boyfrined arms a real thing? bc i need one

    • Salome

      Ahhh I can only read romance with a panrroamal kick to it! Or something doom and gloomy i.e. dystopia.Congrats on getting featured. I loved reading your book, Blade Song’ by the way . There is a review of it on my blog!Here’s my I’m also hosting and INT giveaway to win a book of your choice

  • victoria


  • Wait, what?

    Actually, if those are the reasons of ”Why We’re Not Impressed with the “Guilty Pleasures”, I presume ”we” didn’t really watch the episode.
    – Blaine and Sam sang Wham! ’cause when Sam asked Blaine what was his guilty pleasure, instead of saying Sam, he said Wham!, just as a scape;
    – Barry Manilow it has great songs, but go ahead and check out if a high school boy would tell the world ”Yeah, I like Barry Manilow and Lola and Rico, who wore diamonds.” it’s not wrong, but just really not usual;
    – About Phil Collins and All Agains the Odds, the song wasn’t retracted as a guilty pleasure. It was just a way for Blaine to tell Sam how he feels, and then told the others that was a guilty pleasures as another scape for not telling them the truth;
    – In the Spice Girls case, again, you can think that like Spice Girls isn’t a guilty pleasure, but to the most part of the world, it is indeed. It’s just a fact;
    – Mamma Mia! is considered a guilty pleasure just for the same reasons as Barry Manilow. Go ahead in a High School and ask people what they think about Broadway. Not everywhere it’s like this, and the answers ain’t always true, but in fact there is a lot of people who rather hide their theater geek side;
    Now the really thing I don’t understand is why teen.com started pointing ”stupid things” in all Glee episodes since the beginning of season 4…

    • Cat


  • joker

    what? O.o