Justin Bieber Accused of Hitting His Neighbor, Being Investigated For Battery

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Another day, another piece of drama for Justin Bieber. TMZ is reporting that the 19-year-old singer is being investigated for battery after getting into a physical and verbal altercation with his neighbor. Apparently, Justin is back in the U.S. after performing a show in Poland on Monday night, with the argument in question happening around 9 AM Tuesday morning.

Justin’s neighbor reportedly went over to confront Justin about a number of loud parties that had been occurring while he was touring overseas. The accuser was very visibly angry, and accused Justin of hitting and threatening him. However, TMZ’s sources tell them that Justin didn’t get physical with the accuser, but merely told him to get off his property while Justin’s security escorted him away. The Sheriff’s department is currently investigating the situation.

This is just the latest string of back luck for the Biebs. He started off his month having the “worst birthday,” lunged at an aggressive paparazzo, his former pet hamster passed away, went on a random Twitter rant after having to cancel a concert in Portugal, and let’s not forget about his ex Selena Gomez publicly dissing him on TV.

And that’s just some of the drama he’s faced this month. Justin has been silent about the situation on Twitter, but we’re sure that will change soon enough.

What do you think of this latest (alleged) mishap? Sound off in the comments!

Who Was Calling Out Justin Bieber On Twitter?

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  • Mieka

    Just I just want to say are my idol you have inspired me in so many different ways and I hope to meet you someday and to be as lucky as selena was justin I love you and I dream about you every day I am your number one fan my room is bibered out just for you I love justin your anamazing singer. LOVE:(your number one fan) Mieka Jackson

  • Kayla

    I can understand that he needs friends, but he definitely needs better ones. All of this illegal stuff he’s been accused of leads back to his friends some way or another. He says that he’s not going to be like other teen stars, and he’s right; he’s becoming worse.

    • Claude

      Many thanks for being our coach on this sujebct. My spouse and i enjoyed your own article quite definitely and most of all favored how you handled the areas I widely known as controversial. You’re always very kind towards readers really like me and assist me in my living. Thank you.

  • david H

    Hmmm Justin Bieber is heading down road. I think he is guilty. He is hanging with some bad people

    • Nora

      I think he not guilty ! And you don’t even know if the people he hangs out with is a bad influence because you don’t really know them ! You only know what the papas want to let you know and half of it may not be true !

      • Megan

        I totally agree with Nora. The article above says ALLEGEDLY, which means that it may or may not be true. When the word allegedly is used, it’s basically a he said, she said situation. The only people that could possibly confirm the neighbor’s accusation is the security guards (if they saw anything), but they could possibly take ustin’s side so that they wouldn’t get fired. Beyond that, there would have to be physical evidence of ustin hitting his neighbor (like the neighbor’s blood on ustin’s hand if he hit hard enough to break skin or transfer of ustin’s skin onto the neighbor’s skin where ustin had hit him or ustin having a bruised fist (then they would have to prove that ustin got the bruised fist because of that reason) The criminal ustice system is so complicated) in order for his neighbor to win (if it went to court). Like people used to say in the 90s (and America has been saying it forever), everyone is innocent until proven guilty. And people really shouldn’t say that ustin hangs with bad people unless they have hung out with those people themselves and know it for a fact. ust because someone parties doesn’t mean that they are a bad influence. All people are entitled to have fun whenever and however they want. No one can stop them except themselves (or the police if it gets THAT out of hand).