‘Pretty Little Liars’ Gets Its Own ABC Family Spin-Off, ‘Ravenswood’

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BREAKING NEWS, Pretty Little Liars fans — the hit ABC Family show is getting its own spin-off. In a Twitter announcement made at 4pm ET today, the world got its first peek at the upcoming TV series:

Twitter (@ABCFpll)

Twitter (@ABCFpll)

According to Deadline, the “spin-off takes place in Ravenswood, a town near Liars‘ hometown of Rosewood PA, which has suffered under a deadly curse for generations. Ravenswood will premiere in October following the third annual Liars Halloween special. I hear the special will be used to introduce Ravenswood and its inhabitants.”

Executive Producer I. Marlene King adds,

And, to keep the good news coming, Pretty Little Liars is getting a FIFTH season. The fourth hasn’t even aired yet! Lucy Hale tweets,

There aren’t enough exclamation points for all of this news. Are you pumped for the spin-off? And what about the upcoming season of Pretty Little Liars? Spill!

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2 Responses to "‘Pretty Little Liars’ Gets Its Own ABC Family Spin-Off, ‘Ravenswood’"

  1. Teen.com
    Pamela says:

    cant wait to see the spin off and the new season

  2. Teen.com
    PLL!! says:

    OMG a 5th season AND a spin-off?!?! Life has gotten sooooo much better!!! :))))) <333!!

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