‘Mortal Instruments’ Executive Producer Confirms ‘Infernal Devices’ Screenplay

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Simon & Schuster

Simon & Schuster

It’s no secret that Teen.com’s all about the upcoming film version of The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones. (Did you see our report from the set visit?!) So it should come as no surprise that we were floored to hear the latest news that the series’ prequel trilogy, The Infernal Devices, is getting its own feature.

According to The Mortal Instruments Executive Producer Martin Moszkowicz, who was approached by a fan about the possibility of a movie edition of the TID franchise, it could actually happen. He tweets, “we are working on the screenplay.” {INSERT SQUEALS HERE}

Earlier this month, we announced the reader-voted best book series of all time, Harry Potter. But, lo and behold, The Mortal Instruments came in at a close second, just edging out The Hunger Games, and The Infernal Devices took the fourth spot, just above Vampire Academy and Divergent. So it seems to us that with all of the aforementioned titles becoming flicks, it makes perfect sense that TID get ’em as well. Though, we’re assuming its push to the big screen will rely heavily on the success of the Lily Collins and Jamie Campbell Bower-led film.

Last week, the final installment in the series, The Clockwork Princess, hit store shelves for the first time. Since then, author Cassandra Clare‘s been on tour across the country, pen in hand, to meet and greet dedicated fanatics. When she herself was asked about casting male lead Will Herondale in the potential movie, she mentioned that Max Irons or Nicholas Hoult would be her dream choice. But we want to leave it to you. Who do you picture as Will, or even Tessa or Jem? What do you think about the idea of an Infernal Devices flick? Spill in the comments!

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  • Sernena

    Will: Joshua Anthony Brand

  • Nathalia Magnago

    I agree that Joshua Anthony Brand is the perfect Will – he is the personification of the character’s description – but unfortunately he isn’t an actor, he’s a model. I think that Aaron Taylor-Johnson would be the best actor to play Will because he is similar to the description in the books.

    My dreamcast:

    Tessa Grey – Willa Holland
    Will Herondale – Aaron Taylor-Johnson
    James Carstairs – Haruma Miura (he is Japanese, fluent in Mandarin – I don’t know if he’s fluent in english :x)
    Charlotte Fairchild Branwell – Jennifer Ulrich
    Henry Branwell – Joseph Fiennes
    Jessamine Lovelace – Ana Mulvoy-Ten
    Cecily Herondale – Georgie Henley
    Gideon Lightwood – Daniel Sharman
    Gabriel Lightwood – Alex Watson
    Sophie Collins – Adelaide Kane
    Tatiana (Lightwood) Blackthorn – Gemma Arterton
    Magnus Bane – Godfrey Gao
    Nathaniel “Nate” Grey – Tom Sturridge
    Axel Mortmain – Mark Strong
    Alexei DeQuincey – Colin O’Donoghue
    Lady Camille Belcourt – Nathalie Cox


  • Andy

    Jem has to be an Asian like in the book. Otherwise it won’t seem right :/

  • astranger

    i would love it if these guys were the ones casted
    Will Herondale-Joshua Anthony Brand
    James Carstairs- Eiji Wentz

  • Louise


  • Caitlin

    Joshua Anthony Brand must be Will Herondale he is a perfect choice

    • anon

      Omg I agree 200%

    • Alison

      YES. he is absolutely perfect for will herondale. and astrid berges-frisbey is perfect for tessa!!!

  • Suzanne

    Will Herondale must be only Aaron Johnson, or at least when i read the books i saw only him.

  • kimberly herondale

    Will herondale as Joshua Anthony Brand

  • Payton

    Will Herondale: MAX IRONS

  • Amber-Rose Moore

    Will Herondale – Joshua Anthony Brand
    Tessa Gray – Ariana Grande
    Sophie – Alexandra Chando
    Jessamine – Tasmin Egerton
    Henry – Robert Pattinson (W/ Red Hair)
    Charlotte – Katherine McPhee
    Jem – Anthony Neely
    Nate – Chace Crawford
    Gabriel Lightwood – Xavier Samuel
    Gideon Lightwood – Max Irons
    Cecily – India Eisley
    Mortmain – Tom Middlestone

    • anon

      Holy crap. Be the casting director!!! all of them are perfect for the roles!!!!!

  • Sunnie

    Will Herondale: Douglas Booth
    Jem Carstairs: Freddie stroma

  • Zoi

    Will :Aaron Taylor-Johnson
    Tessa: Astrid Bergès-Frisbey
    Jem : William Moseley
    Henry: Rupert Grint or Ryan Gosling
    Charlotte : Jennifer Lawrence
    Jesamine :Dianna Agron or Rachel McAdams(blonde)
    Cecily: Anna Popplewell
    Sophie: Olivia Cooke
    Camille: Tilda Swinton
    Magnus: alex pettyfer

  • S.

    If I could, then I would convince and send a girl from my school to auditions, she IS Tessa in looks. Her height, her figure, her face, her hair is just like Tessa’s in the fanarts! Too bad she hasn’t read the books (yet! haha).
    Joshua Brand is my dream Will and Anthony Neely would make the perfect James, indeed.

  • Chrissie

    Personally, I think that Aaron Taylor-Johnson is the very best choice for Will. Same goes for Anthony Neely as Jem and Astrid Berges-Frisbey as Tessa.

  • Jay

    Will: Nicholas Hoult
    Tessa: Since Astrid berges-Frisbey can’t speak a very good english I go with the lovely Sarah Bolger
    Jem: Anthony Neely
    Jessamine: Dianna Agron
    Sophie: Heyley Stanfield
    Henry: Eddie Redmaine
    Charlotte: Rachel Weiz
    Camille: Amanda Seyfried or Sarah Gadon
    Magnus: Godfrey Gao, of course.

  • Clowy

    As long as Jem is Asian, and the British cast are British, I will have no problems with the cast.

    I’m not that picky, but here are a few choices.

    Tessa: Nina Dobrev?
    Will: Tyger Drew-Honey
    Jem: George Young (or any British Born Chinese actor)
    Charlotte: Ruth Negga
    Sophie: Olivia Cooke
    Cecily: Maisie Williams