Miley Cyrus Deletes Tweets After Shooting Down Nick Jonas Rumors

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Twitter (@MileyCyrus)

Twitter (@MileyCyrus)

Don’t believe everything you read, folks. That’s the message Miley Cyrus is sending out after reports suggested that she and ex-boyfriend Nick Jonas went on a lunch date this week.

In a series of tweets, the former Hannah Montana star said, “I literally haven’t seen Nick Jonas in years… Why are magazines allowed to publish straight bull****[?] Look at my profile pic. Look at my finger, idiots. I couldn’t have “ran” into anyone because I haven’t went out to eat in public in weeks because of the amount of paparazzi outside my house. #shorthairrepunzel”

But that’s not the odd part, since, as we all know, Miley’s not one to shy away from expressing her frustrations via social media. No no, the questionable part is that those tweets are no longer on her page. Hmm… No idea what that could possibly mean, but just putting that out there.

On a brighter note, did you notice that Miley mentioned the rock on her finger during her rant? Just last week, the singer posted a picture of herself with her engagement ring (and that onesie she twerked in) after rumors swirled that she and fiance Liam Hemsworth were calling off their wedding. Now, the two are reportedly back on the same continent as Liam’s returned from his trip to his native land of Australia.

So, where do you think those Nick Jonas rumors came from? And why did Miley delete her tweets? Are you happy to hear that she and Liam aren’t calling it quits? Tell us in the comments below, or on our Miley Cyrus message board!

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  • Natalea

    who cares if they did go on a lunch date, can’t 2 people go out for lunch as friends? as being a celeb myself and growing up in that atmosphere, i feel for miley because i don’t get much freedom either and everyone loves to talk shit about you constantly and make up rumors like this one.. so to all of you making a big deal out of this, don’t because it’s not worth it..

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  • katherine

    I think Nick should get his say in what really happened and tell Miley this KMS it means Keep Mouth Shut until we hear from the sexiest guy ever Nick Jonas about the Lunch date…………………………..

  • amy

    Nick will never comment. He never did when they were actually seing each other & he won’t now – he’s always worried about his image. Even when they dated 5-6 years ago he never admitted it then & always let her take the heat. I believe Miley without a doubt!!!

  • Mirela

    I think we should hear what Nick has to say