Meet Mally the Monkey, Justin Bieber’s New Pet?? (PICTURES)

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Instagram (@lastkingmm)

Instagram (@lastkingmm)

Hold the phone. Did Justin Bieber really just adopt a monkey? Justin Bieber. The kid who gave away his pet hamster, Pac, to a random fangirl in December only to have him die a few months later (may he RIP). Uhh, k.

In a handful of pictures on Instagram, music and film producer Jamal Rashid (a.k.a. Mally Mall) revealed that the 19-year-old singer was the proud “pops” of an infant capuchin monkey. We know Justin loves furry little creature (i.e. kissing one in summer 2012; holding his “homey bubbzzz” on his personal Instagram back in January), but does he really have the time to take care of one of his own?

We’re gonna take the time to mull that question over — join us in the comments or on our Justin Bieber message board! — but before anyone jumps to any hasty conclusions, here’s more photos of Mally Bieber. Notice the name “Bubbz” again? Maybe JB’s been prepping this since the beginning of 2013…

Look @justinbieber little OG MALLY BIEBER THINKS HE’S A BALLER LOL “MJ” like his pops

Instagram (@lastkingmm)

Instagram (@lastkingmm)

HE’S GETTING STRONGER & Ready 4 His pops @justinbieber

Instagram (@lastkingmm)

Instagram (@lastkingmm)

@PooBearMDMA aka my Partner & Brother! “Baby SITTIN”
@justinbieber little OG like a good Uncle ! ” monkey Bizzness ” lol

Instagram (@lastkingmm)

Instagram (@lastkingmm)

#OG & #BUBBZ @Justinbieber

Instagram (@lastkingmm)

Instagram (@lastkingmm)

Justin Bieber 3D, Part II?!

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5 Responses to "Meet Mally the Monkey, Justin Bieber’s New Pet?? (PICTURES)"

    Ivan says:

    This article makes it seem he did not care for the Hamster. The Hamster was given away because it was hard taking care of it while traveling all over; it was given to a responsible fan who took great care of it. It lived to it’s full age span. Hamsters live for 2-3 years.

    Bree says:

    I love Justin to death, but if hd can’t take care of a hamster what makes him think he can take care of a monkey

      ttoria says:

      i agree with you i love him with all of my heart but if he cant take care of one pet how can he take care of another maybe he will think wisely and he wont do the same with the monkey

    Mazz says:

    Wow Bieber is a Pappa now lol may he be a good Pappa

    laila says:

    GIMME DAT :*)

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