Bella Thorne Signs With Hollywood Records!

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Congratulations are in order for Disney star Bella Thorne — she just signed a record deal with Hollywood Records! The Shake It Up actress has already proved she’s a triple threat thanks to the Disney Channel show, but now she’ll be recording music for all her fans.

So, when can we expect new music from Bella? She’ll start recording this summer, with her debut single dropping some time later this year! Also, since her Shake It Up co-star Zendaya signed with the same label last year, we can only assume that they’ll do a collaboration or two!

Bella is certainly in good company at this label, as it’s also home to stars such as The Jonas Brothers, Demi Lovato, and Selena Gomez — to name a few! Also, Pretty Little Liars star Lucy Hale signed with Hollywood Records last year, with music coming out soon!

What do you think of Bella scoring a record deal? Are you looking forward to hearing her new music? Sound off in the comments section!

Is Bella Headed to ABC Family?!

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30 Responses to "Bella Thorne Signs With Hollywood Records!"

    ally says:

    i know i can’t sing dance or act but she can’t do all of those things either and how come she is famous because she doesn’t even have a pretty face

    Melanie says:

    Bella Thorne cannot act nor can she sing or dance. She is untalented & she always blamed her dyslexia on everything! Millions of people have dyslexia! She act like someone is supposed to feel sorry for her because of that. She is no different. She needa get over it!

      Tatyana says:

      It’s funny because Bella is famous where yo record deals at cause I never heard of nun of y’all so get off her case and don’t say I can’t sing cause I can prove it hit me up on face @ Mizbubblesboo Shirley

    ..... says:


    Dasey says:

    Yay shes turning into a singer. I like her singing!!!

    cherry says:

    Congrats Bella :)

    kaykay says:

    oh please help us all! I just took the liberty in looking up some of her Disney songs, and they are AWFUL! I’ll listen to some of her new songs online, laugh A LOT and watch as she fades away just like the Jonas Brothers.

    lalala says:

    i’ve always thought that you should be able to sing when you sign a record deal. well, obviously that is not necessary anymore. i guess the autotune can do anything these days
    :) no hard feelings but bella just can’t sing

    bellatina says:


      SarahDisney says:

      She is very talented! At Dancing and Acting. And she is a role model to me. It’s just that well, if you here her sing on shake it up……well she uses a lot of auto tune. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Bella. It’s just that her voice isn’t amazing…..It’s okay…….ish. Not everyone has a naturally beautiful voice. And I don’t want to be mean, so I’m just gonna say….Good Luck! You have come far Bella!

    mansi says:

    just cause she’s a Disney star doesn’t mean she can sing, she can dance yeah, but she wont sell any records, no offence Bella lovers

    ashley says:

    why does she have to be signed SHE CAN’T EVEN SING!!! i feel like they are just signing people now cuz she has NO TALENT IN SINGING!! i understand Zendaya cuz she has good vocals but Bella all she uses is autotune she is not going to sell any records

      Annie G says:

      So true

      Adanna says:

      bella throne is doing fantastic even with her song ttylxox. and u guys acting like a fool like she cant sing if you want to say something bad about her shut your mouth and mind your own beeswax

      Jazzy says:

      I totally agree.

      That Chick says:

      and you can sing, Bella is amazing and you just hate her because shes just doing what you cant.

        anne says:

        What a generic insult. They’re not hating on her, they’re just stating the fact that she uses mostly autotune. Don’t get me wrong, she’s a good dancer. But she honestly can’t sing that well. Plus, she’s on Disney Channel. It’s almost guaranteed for her to get a record deal (along with everyone else). Not everyone on Disney Channel should necessarily get one.

    Omg says:

    I think she should just stick to dancing because the jones brothers really didn’t go far and lucky hale either and Bella Thorne makes terrible music

    bellathorne134 says:

    Cady and Lily you guys are terrible persons!!! You are such bullies!!!!!!!!!! She is amazing and a really good person, you guys are just jealous that she is famous!!!!!!!

    Cady says:

    Seriously, does she have to sing? Maybe all the Disney stars really have to think about their singing career. You gotta have a voice, a talent. This girl has nothing. All I can hear in her songs is autotune. What’s wrong with the music industry nowaday????

      KateluvsDisney! says:

      Guys don’t be harsh. I mean I agree, I don’t think singing is a great option or Bella, but we should support her.

    lily says:

    omg why….??? she’s terrible in singing

      Sarah says:

      Let me just say this:
      I love Bella Thorne so so so much. She is a Great dancer and actress, and I absolutely adore Shake It Up! She is very humble and sweet as well, and quite inspiring. It’s just that when she sings songs for Shake It Up, they are very auto-tuned so…………well, her voice isn’t great really.

      Becca says:

      I agree. She is a good dancer but singing for her is a big NONO

    Calee says:

    I think Bella is pretty and can somewhat dance and just maybe can act if she got more training,but she is horrible at singing! I love Bella but its just her music doesn’t have flow or the beat it needs. I’m really disappointed with Hollywood Records.

    Kate says:

    The Jonas Brothers aren’t signed to Hollywood Records anymore, they left the label last year!

    Adriana says:

    what?? bella??? she doesn’t have much of a voice :/
    really like tho congrats!!

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