Caption This Pic of Joey Graceffa’s Beach Fun!

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Teen host and YouTuber Joey Graceffa has been having a blast down as he vacays in the Bahamas this week, and naturally has been sharing lots of pics on his Instagram. However, this particular one struck our fancy. Kneeling down, Joey’s power stance makes it look like he pushed away his pal (and fellow YouTuber) Jim Chapman! What do you think Joey is thinking in this pic? Here’s your moment to let your funny side shine! How would you caption this?



‘Amazing Race’ Clip: Joey & Meghan in Africa!

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  • skylar

    i love u

  • Kayler

    “Can you NOT!”

  • Rico

    Airbender avatar not the blue people

  • Isabella

    I have the force! Beat that Luke Skywalker!

  • bianca

    GET AWAY!!! this is my photo

  • Catherine


  • Austin

    Get away from me!!! (Like in Bridesmaids the movie, when they have food poisoning)

  • Victoria

    “Ahh, you mess with me, I mess with you!”

  • Zi

    Hadouken! >:o

  • Elle

    Not now Jim! I am trying to make a sandcastle!

  • Siane

    I am Number Four..

  • Sylviie

    release your inner finnick.

  • Seth

    Joey is probably having SO much fun! I wanna be in the Bahamas…. he made new vlogs there, and this pic makes me jealous, and I love Joey.

  • Bella

    i will use the FORCE!

  • hillari

    don’t mess with a psychopath

  • Autumn

    i love joey so much lol!

  • Annie Sanders

    Get away from me!!!!

  • deniss

    Amazing ,,, I love joey !!!!