14-Year-Old Cancer Sufferer Katelyn Norman Dies Days After Dream Prom

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It’s a real teen story that’ll leave a tear in your eye. 14-year-old Katelyn Norman recently passed away after checking off ‘prom’ from her bucket list just days before.

The young teen had been battling osteosarcoma, a cancerous (malignant) bone tumor that usually develops in teenagers, for two years, only to learn that it had spread to her heart, arteries, pelvis and spine. Doctors informed the girl that there was nothing more they could do for her in terms of healthcare, but Katelyn kept a positive attitude, drawing up a bucket list of activities she wished to complete before she died. On the list: a slow dance, learning to drive a car, spending a day with each of her siblings, visiting Italy, and attending prom.

Although not all of her requests were possible, Katelyn was able to celebrate biggest event of a teen’s life, the prom, at her bedside in East Tennessee Children’s Hospital. Reports say that “classmates and relatives brought the party to her instead, bringing balloons, music and her smartly-dressed date to make sure she didn’t miss out. Katelyn… was pictured grinning as her date bent down to her hospital bed to present her with her corsage.”

Michael Dayah

Michael Dayah

Loved ones rallied together to organize funds to send Katelyn to Italy, another one of her bucket list hopes, but were unable to fulfill her desire before she passed on Friday, March 29. So instead, organizers of the intended fundraiser for the trip paid homage to the teen’s life at Jacksboro Middle School, and donated the $1,800 raised to her family. Outside her hospital window, thousands are said to have lined up along the highway as part of a candlelit vigil.

Michael Dayah

Michael Dayah

To see more pictures, check out Michael Dayah’s website. For further details, watch the video here:

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  • sexsylilmam

    so sad but she got to enjoy her last prom way to go my Mack me happy every day i look up and she my self in the mear

  • Dardana

    So sad! I’m glad she got to have her dream prom before she passed :( god bless <3

  • ttoria

    damn sad story but at least she had loving family and freinds to make one of her dreams come true no matter wat

  • nikki

    That is a truly sad but wonderful story truthfully I am sad

  • Megan

    OMG…that is so sad! I am literally crying right now. I am glad that she got to go to prom and the guy that was her date is so sweet! RIP Katelyn and my condolences go out to her friends and family.

  • L

    Um not to be rude but where is anything about her wanting to go to a Of Mice And Men concert? And Austin Carlile tweeting about her? Getting her story out there?