‘Pretty Little Liars’ vs. ‘Big Time Rush:’ The ‘Harlem Shake’ Edition!

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If we’re being honest, we thought the ‘Harlem Shake’ trend was pretty much over (and we were kinda glad about it). But then we saw that the casts and crews of Pretty Little Liars and Big Time Rush — two of Teen.com’s ultimate faves! — joined in on the action on the same day, so we couldn’t help but jump back on the bandwagon.

However, to make it more interesting, we wanna know which crew did it better. Or, if not ‘better’ per se, then which one was more fun IYO? Watch both, then vote in the poll below!

PLL‘s or TVD‘s — Which Spin-Off Will Be Better?

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  • sliepst vincent

    big tyme rush

  • Maddogggggg

    BIG TIME RUSH !!!!!!!

  • justin bieba

    big time rush



  • bahijah

    Big time won beat them big time pretty little liars just doesnt compare

  • Olivia

    I absolutely LUV pretty little liars, the show is EPIC, and I’m not big on big time rush, but I have no idea what harlem shake is!

  • Mirri

    The Big Time Rush one wins hands down to be honest

  • MoRgaN

    I oove both but have never seen their harlem shakes someone tell me wich one is better?!?!?!?!?!?

  • Tia

    Pll i love ash
    she is so cute

  • Vic

    If I’d vote for the Pretty Little Liars peep it would just ’cause I like them better. The Big Time Rush Harlem Shake it’s a lot more well done…

    • giuliak

      ppl is soooomuch better