One Direction, Ryan Gosling, and More Get Celebs With No Teeth Treatment!

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We’ve seen “Actresses Without Teeth,” but not it’s time their male counterparts get the same treatment done. Buzzfeed posted a number of photos of our fave male celebs sans chompers, but this time they added on not just actors, but singers, too!

So, who was lucky enough to make the “Stars Without Teeth,” cut this time around? Check out the hilarious photos below!

Adam Levine… without teeth.


John Gara/Getty Images

Andrew Garfield…without teeth.


John Gara/Getty Images

Justin Bieber…without teeth.


John Gara/Getty Images

One Direction…without teeth.


John Gara/Getty Images

Ryan Gosling…without teeth.


John Gara/Getty Images

Zac Efron…without teeth.


John Gara/Getty Images

Who do you think looks the weirdest? Sound off in the comments section!

Having No Teeth Isn’t That Bad…

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  • Pat Lindsey

    These pictures are mean!

  • yary

    OmG!! Teeth are sooooo important, this was a true reality check lol

  • LaQuisha

    I st1lL thInK Ry@n gO$linGG l0Oks h0+

  • mmadn2

    that was really funny hahaaaaaaaa….thanks

  • chloe

    They look funny

  • Jessica

    one direction thooooo….

  • BrittLovesNiall

    Niall is still freaking sexy as hell!! Teeth or not!

  • Jessica

    Niall is still the cutest guy Ever!!!

  • sunshine says

    liam i sooo cute

  • Alaura Horan

    one idrection is still hot….idc wat u ppl say

  • Alexus


  • Carolina

    One D is still hot

  • Laura

    That is so funny hahahahahahahahhahahah

  • alyssa09

    Zayn’s still hot -____-

  • Kheh

    Andrew Garfield

  • kendra joy bethune

    that’s mean why did you do that they have teeth when they find out they’ll be pissed adam levine and the irish one from one direction what teen did and harry styles and zayn malikn
    when they find out you played with there emotion like that and told me a new edition fan kendra bethune an aunt of 2 teen agers the same as gossip girl men . that is what i said

  • Annoynomous

    I think ryan looks like an old pervert and justin looks like a girl and zayn looks hidious and zac looks like an old man
    seriously i think all these guys are cool bu dude not not without teeth

  • Laura

    Zayn all the way

  • Sarah

    Definitely Adam… he kinda looks like an old man…