Twilight Fans to Boycott MTV Movie Awards 2013 After Nominations Snub

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Twilight Fans to Boycott MTV Movie Awards 2013


Filed under “Things We Totally Saw Coming,” Twilight fans are refusing to watch the 2013 MTV Movie Awards this weekend due to the lack of nominations the saga garnered. In case you didn’t notice, the mega-watt conclusion Breaking Dawn — Part 2 only received one nod at the upcoming ceremony for Best Shirtless Performance by Taylor Lautner.

Since 2009, the franchise has grossed a whopping 24 nominations, 15 of those being wins, so to have one small mention of it at this year’s Movie Awards, which is fan-voted, is a major slap in the face for Twihards.

In a rant on Twilight fansite,, it says, “Guess what I won’t be watching April 14th? Guess what channel I won’t be watching any longer? You know, if Breaking Dawn — Part 2 didn’t win, I’d be fine with that. I get it, not everyone likes it. The fact that MTV didn’t even nominate Breaking Dawn — Part 2 for anything was them blatantly saying ‘we don’t want BD2 to win and screw you Twilight fans’.”

Now, dedicated followers of the Kristen Stewart– and Robert Pattinson-led series are planning a worldwide viewing party, “inviting fans of the saga to re-watch the final Twilight film at the same time together Sunday night while incorporating the hashtag #BreakingDawnPart2Night in hopes of it trending.” Currently, though not trending just yet, the hashtag is a popular topic on the social media site.

The 2013 MTV Movie Awards air this Sunday at 9/8c. Are you planning on tuning in? Or will you be boycotting like the rest of the Twihards? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Taylor.

    I didn’t watch the movie awards because i did not care. It was a good movie, but it is pathetic of you all to be bitching at eachother over awards and a movie. Twihards: so what your movie didnt get nominated. Get over it. Mtv viewers: Stop ranting over something so miniscule. It a movie. And as for both you, GROW UP!

  • Aridne

    darn I warched ’em!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    at least we won at the only category we were nominated :)

  • Elizabeth

    Please Don’t they have a life??? I’m going to see MTV MOVIE AWARDS go to the hell Twilight =)

    • Carly

      Oh shut up if u don’t care why r u commenting u sound so stupid

    • yeah uh huh

      go to “the” hell?…you are either a 3rd world moron speaking broken english or just a moron.

  • Julie-Emma

    I don’t give a shit about twilight so I shall be watching the mtv movie award if I have time…There way better movies then twilight, like I don’t know The Hobit or The Avengers or Warm Bodies :) I used to like twilight when I was younger and it first came out but it lost it affect on me after a while, it got boring and I lost interest in it pretty fast…

  • Emily

    I dunno, ever consider the fact that it’s just a BAD MOVIE?? Last time I checked, things were nominated for awards because they actually had a chance of winning……

    • me.


  • Emily

    That is so stupid. The whiny Twilight fans should suck it up and deal with it. Just because your movie didn’t get nominated as much doesn’t mean that you should boycott MTV. This is so utterly stupid.

    • William

      Only award they deserve is the Razzie