Are Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Back On? JB “Accidentally” Instagrams Pic

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Instagram (@justinbieber)

Instagram (@justinbieber)

In recent months, Selena Gomez has dissed ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber in interviews and openly admitted to “really loving” the single life. But, as this photo (somewhat) proves, she may be ready to hop back on the relationship train. Perhaps she no longer wants to be a part of the ‘lonely girls’ club with Taylor Swift?

Last week, Jelena reunited when the “Come and Get It” singer traveled all the way from the US to Oslo, Norway where the Biebs performed on Thursday night. According to PEOPLE, “The two have left no doubt that their romantic flame has reignited… They were holding hands, hugging and they kissed on the lips. They looked really in love, like no fights ever happened before. It definitely looked like they were back together.”

Somewhere along the way, JB Instagrammed the accompanying picture, but quickly deleted it, leaving many to suspect that it was publicly released by mistake.

WDYT, readers? Do you think the twosome’s giving it another go? Or perhaps they’re still just good friends? Tell us your thoughts on Jelena in the comments below!

WATCH: Justin Bieber in’s “#thatPOWER” Video!

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  • Reene

    They are just people why does it really matter. If they are happy then great for them. Plus all of u commenting on justin like ohh hes a stupid or selena she a dog, Its just sad guess what they don’t really care what u think just as long as the are happy. Also agree with toelizabeth b

  • Tania

    Look both selena and justin are very talented people its just that there relationship is so annoying on and off again they both just need to date different people this isnt healthy at all

  • Lovisa

    Selena is awesome and those who say they hate her are just jealous. Jelena is perfect

  • Ray

    Really SELENA again…
    Ur like a Dog tht comes back to his owner wen it’s not mad anymore
    Wow u break up then reunite then break up the reunite
    Nice Justin can convince u easily

    Come&Get it … THE SONG IS FOR JUSTIN BIEBER … Admit it Dont be Embarrassed

  • Erica

    You are all just pathetic! All the girls that are commenting on about how much you hate Selena are just crazy little girls… Get a life and stop being jealous of something you will never have lol Justin, Grow up and get your own life.

  • Abby

    Well I’ve Never Liked Selena But If Justin Is Really Gonna Take Her Back. Let Him.
    He Loves Her And I Want To See Him Happy! If She Makes Him Happy Then Let Them Be Happy!

  • Kitty

    Selena just wants to hurt him. I never liked her, even before she was dating Justin, and I never will like her. She isn’t right for him.

    • Lovisa

      Why cant anyone stop criticize Selena

  • ELisabeth b

    I think she is using him. She has been so mean to him these last couple months. When he was going through a break down, she was bragging about how she made him cry. Its not funny and she’s not a good girl. Ever since her, Justin has been completely different. Like the first month they started dating, he started cussing and flipping off people. I just think he deserves someone better who doesn’t model for playboy, brags about upsetting him, calls him a douchbag through song, and leads him on.

    No one even knew who she was until him. Why can’t we go back to the fun loving Justing who had a smile on his face?

    • Waffle

      She was famous before him and she will be famous after him. The only person who changed him was him. She’s not a “good” girl? If she’s not a good girl, he’s not a good guy. They are both humans that you don’t know personally. They may both be horrible people, or they could both be fantastic people. We don’t know because we don’t know them. So stop judging her just because you are obsessed with him.

      • Alexandra

        I agree with you Waffle. 😉 I love them both!<3

      • carla


      • Lovisa


    • toelizabeth b

      WAIT! HOLD ON! when did selena ever pose for playboy? you twit. justin is beyond an immature kid just look at the way he acted after the breakup and how he is. his music for starters then his style. nobody changes a person. he himself made him who he is. stop being so omg poor justin. y’all beliebers are just senseless people who want what they will never have.

  • Hannah

    Well I guess he was ready to come and get it… lol