Jesy Nelson Says Zayn Malik Will Ask Perrie Edwards to Marry Him Soon

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First, let us start off by wishing a very happy anniversary to Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards; the two celebrated one year of being a couple… in freaking Paris!

Reports say that the former bad boy of One Direction turned up the romance for his Little Mix love by taking her on a sight-seeing tour of the French capital, ending their day at the Eiffel Tower. (All current & future boyfriends, please take detailed notes.)

And the lovey-dovey streak doesn’t stop there. In an interview with Capital FM, Little Mix’s Jesy Nelson reveals that wedding bells may be in the near future: “Perrie will be the first of us to get engaged. Zayn definitely seems like the kind of person who’s gonna ask her to marry him soon. He’s an early bloomer. I’m getting my hat already. They’re just like a married couple anyway. They’ve got a dog and they literally dress in the same clothes.”

Though, Perrie seemed less than enthused about the constant engagement talk: “How does anybody know this? They always say me, but they don’t know.”

Do you think the 1D/LM couple will walk down the aisle anytime soon? How do you feel about Zerrie overall? Who’s your favorite One Direction girlfriend — Perrie, Danielle or Eleanor? Tell us all your thoughts in the comments below!

P.S. If you think you can handle it, watch Zerrie’s kiss at the Eiffel Tower! Is it romantic or what??

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  • Someone

    OMG! Its so cute how Zayn wipes his mouth after kissing Perrie like : “Oh, i love this girl so much, lets get rid of her kiss!”

  • Ann

    I’m sure that soon they will marry

    And I don’t like ZELENA,because Zayn loves Perrie and not Selena

  • gisells

    i dont think zayn malik shuld ask perrie edwards to marry him because i think zayn malik and selena gomez wuld make a beautiful couple

  • Erica

    I love zerrie but i feel like its to early for them to be married. They are soo young and their careers have basically just started.

  • Ariadne

    i ship elounor
    Payzer’s alright
    and Zerrie ummmm….not so sure

  • Abigayle

    OMG YEA!!!

  • Mpop

    I dont think they should get engaged. For crying out loud theyre just teens! and if they get married it will ruin 1D forever!

    • LIL Brat

      we dont want 1D to be ruined !!

  • ilove1D

    That’s really cute that they’re head over heels for each other! They’re adorable together! But I hope that Zayn doesn’t put aside the band and only focus on his marriage. It’ll ruin 1D and that can’t happen!

    • ilovezayn

      You’re right I cant stand this when he’s kissing her

  • Lily

    Zayn and Perrie have been dating for ONE YEAR. They’re both not even 21 yet and have careers that take almost all of their time. They’re still in the honeymoon faze in the relationship. They have faced drama, aka cheating rumors, and made it through but the relationship is still young. Remember way back when the rumors broke about Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez getting engaged, their relationship ended. They were together for more than a year. I know my opinion doesn’t matter one bit but they shouldn’t get married yet because it will most likely lead to divorce. And some of their fans won’t accept it and leave. (Of course they’re the fake ones will, nothing against the real Directioners) They’re young and it’s a case of young love. Liam and Danielle have been dating since 2010 and sure they had a break but they found their way back to each other. They should definitely be the first relationship of One Direction to get married. Then Louis and Eleanor because they have been dating for a while too and are super close, and cute ;). But none of them should get married right now. They’re all too young.

    • Shaneece

      I dont think tht they r young, let them enjoy life and each other, but i think louis and el should get married first

    • madi

      I totally agree! It would RUIN 1D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Louis and Eleanor are toats cute and Liam and Danielle!
      But all of them are way too young!

  • Sherie

    umm no elounors real they look like their in love on and off camera i honestly cannot believe you think its fake!! Payzer is flipping amazing and frankly i like Zerrie i think its too early for married if they do get engaged then they better be engaged for like 10 years!! Zayn is Niall’s end of story!!!! i still love perrie but their too young they have only been together for a year niall and zayn have been together 3 i hope this done not happen no hate i love them i respect it my friend Julie is gonna marry Perrie and Banin is gonna marry Zayn and ill marry Niall :) i honestly do not believe he will ask her they are wayyyy to young their 19 and 20 for godsakes i love and ship Payzer and Elounor you would too if u were a true fan if their in love leave them be!!! #nohate

  • Larry

    I think eleanors a beard
    i don’t really ship payzer
    and Zerrie is amazing i actually want them together

  • Larry

    Beards, beards, beards.

  • Miranda

    Honestly, I think Elounor is fake, so I don’t ship them.

    Payzer is okay.

    Zerrie… PERFECTION. <3

  • Miranda

    Honestly, I think Elounor is fake, so I don’t ship them.

    Payzer is okay.

    Zerrie… PERFECTION. <3

    • annoymous

      to all u freaking idiots who thimk louis is gay and tht el is a (beard) u can go f*** ur self