Drugs Found on Bieber’s Tour Bus, But Is the Media Giving Him a Bad Rap?

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In the midst of reports that Justin Bieber may be rekindling his romance with Selena Gomez, the 19-year-old singer’s thrust into the headlines for marijuana once again. Only this time, it’s not for alleged use of the substance, but for a search of the drug on his tour bus that he may or may not have been on.

According to E! News, police in Stockholm searched Bieber’s tour bus after they believed they smelled marijuana. “No one was on board when cops searched the bus, but… they did find a small amount of narcotics and a taser.”

However, the story continues to mention that the police “would not say what drug they found, only that the drugs ‘have been sent for analysis’ and ‘the stun gun has been seized’.”

As it progressed, the media learned that no one will be charged in this case because there’s no way to determine who the drugs or weapon belong to, or who brought it on board. No word from Bieber’s camp on the topic specifically, but Justin did send out this interesting tweet:

Now comes the question: Is JB just getting a bad rap in the media for no reason, or is it only a matter of time before he’s caught doing… something? Leave your thoughts on the subject below!

Is Justin Bieber’s New Ink of Selena Gomez? (PIC)

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  • dyemond

    he shouldnt be acting like this cuz i like the old him and he needs to stop acting diffrent around athor people so thats how i feel

  • genesis

    i think that he is great and have lots of knoledge

  • Aria

    I kinda don’t know what to believe anymore. I don’t know if rumors are true or not cause media likes to post heaps of stuff that isn’t true. This year hasn’t been his year, he’s been getting a lot of bad luck through the media and paparazzi, and who knows, maybe everything that has been said is true, but if he really wants this to stop, he will just concentrate on the music and fans and what he loves.

  • Nerfhearder

    To be honest i have never really liked him not because of who he is. its just his music i dont like i understand and admire his hard work to get where he is now . The guy is under lots of pressure and stress if the guy wants to smoke a little weed than let him. The guy works like a mule. and not to mention the pressure the media is putting on him. besides even if he does smoke weed so do like 60% of teens even if they dont admit to it they have probably dont it

    • Nerfhearder

      They probaly have done it *********

  • kara

    Honestly, they need to stop. media needs to stop bothering him, just because hes really popular right now doesnt mean its your chance to tear him back down. hes worked so hard to get where he is and if you hate him then you simply just dont understand how hard he works and paps just need to STOP, get the fudge out of there and get a proper job

  • iloveJB

    I know he wasn’t the one using the drugs. He would never do that to his fans or ruin his career like that!

  • Madison

    As a Belieber i think the media exaggerates a lot but i think that he brings the bad stuff to himself look at all those dumb tattoos and sh** and now drugs he’s gone way overboard and that’s coming out of a belieber LIKE TOTALLY!

  • Livi

    As a belieber I feel a lot of times the media exaggerates the story . Justin hasn’t changed as much as they want us to think he has .

  • Leandri Snyman

    I truly believe that Justin isn’t a bad person… Teenagers/young adults all go through rough patches and unfortunately, the media is there to follow Justin through his… Secondly, Justin had a good upbringing… We all get lost sometimes, but we find our way back to the place we call home sooner or later… God gives his toughest battles to his strongest soldiers.*

    • m.oloves j.b

      i think that the media is doing everything they can to bring him down,if they get one bad picture of him it could get them millions of dollars. leave him alone .and all y,all small ass haters who care about trying to bring himm down more than your bullshit selves y,all got frickin issues.oh,and to all you haters i aint scared of none of y,all.