Guess Which One Direction Guy Got a “Little Things” Tattoo!

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Instagram (@paulnguyenart)

Instagram (@paulnguyenart)

Justin Bieber better step up his game if he has any intention of catching up with the One Direction guys on the tattoo front. It’s not necessarily a contest, but one of members reportedly pushed his collection to well over the 30-mark with this piece of ink in honor of the British-Irish boy band’s “Little Things” single.

If you guessed that the fresh ink belonged to Harry Styles, then you’re right. Maybe. Though the curly-haired singer hasn’t openly showed off the body art, fans have been speculating that it most likely belongs to him after the official Instagram for Paul Nguyen ART sent out the accompanying photo, along with the caption “Finishing off the night w some little things.”

Paul himself did not say the tat belongs to the 1D guy, but considering he works at one of Harry’s favorite parlors in Los Angeles (where Harry’s been seen the past few days), many believe that it’s too much of a coincidence to not be Hazza’s.

What are your thoughts on the latest (potential) One Direction artwork? Are you a fan of the seemingly never-ending ink? Or do you think the boys need to calm down? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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  • Emma

    I thought it was Liam because he has already got a piece of you & I in ink so ya

  • ISpeakMyMind-You?

    Do they need to calm it down on the tattoos? Is that even a question? He’s a walking canvas, that guy.

  • ashley

    i knew it was harry

  • kat

    I thought it was Liam

  • Jasmine

    Its up to them what they want to put on their body’s, as long as they don’t go over board I’m fine with them.

  • Amy

    i don’t know why i thought itd be louies. he has that cup of tea

  • Sammy

    I knew it was Harry! I had a feeling it was his!

  • Daniella

    it’s Harry’s new tattoo.

    • Alex

      It is?