Teen Hosts Meghan and Joey Eliminated from ‘The Amazing Race’

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Instagram (@strawburry17)

Instagram (@strawburry17)

They whizzed off on a jet ski in Bora Bora, drove through a dirt field in New Zealand, and even kicked butt during a fruit-stacking challenge in Bali, but now, the time has come to bid adieu to Joey Graceffa and Meghan Camarena on The Amazing Race.

On last night’s episode of the show, which took place in Scotland, Team YouTube unfortunately had everything stacked against them. They caught a late flight there, got U-turned (which means they had to perform an extra task), plus Meghan’s too little to be a bagpipe player.

But let’s look at the bright side. The Teen.com hosts made it to the final five — that’s huge! Here’s what they had to say after their elimination:

“Well we had a good run @strawburry17! We traveled the world together!” (Joey G via Instagram)

Instagram (@joeygraceffa)

Instagram (@joeygraceffa)

If you’re still on Team YouTube, leave your support for Joey & Meghan in the comments below!


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  • danielle

    they should come back for an allstar season. The have a gigantic fanbase. #teamyoutubeforever

  • Caroline

    i hope they come back for an all stars season of TAR. im sure they will, i mean they had the biggest fan base this season

  • Kim

    I loved them on the race :( i was crying at their recaps and episodes! They did so well though <333

  • Cassie Clark

    I’m proud of Joey and Meghan for getting on the race in the first place. 10/12 eps? Couldn’t be prouder! Love you both <3

    -Burry and Psychopath

  • Caitlin Williamson

    No matter what, I will support you! I love you sooo much. You guys had such a good run and you proved a lot of people wrong!! I have been #teamyoutube from the the beginning and I will be #teamyoutubeforever <3 LOVE YOU!!!

  • Nick

    They should have an allstar amazing race or a youtube amazing race and have them back

  • Sammy

    I was so upset when they got eliminated! When Joey and Meghan started crying, I started crying! I really wanted them to win! They always tried their best and had the best teamwork and they deserved to win! The show isn’t even worth watching anymore! #TeamYoutubeForever

  • Kevin

    super sad to see them go :[ but like they said, they got to travel the world together and it was the trip of a lifetime. so proud of you two and thanks for running such a hard and inspiring race. loved seeing your positive attitudes shine throughout the season 😀

  • Paraic

    i loved them so much :( they were the only reason i watched the amazing race.