Tyler Blackburn Set to Star in ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Spin-Off ‘Ravenswood’

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Is it just us, or is this news more shocking than the season three finale?! ABC Family announced that Pretty Little Liars star Tyler Blackburn will be making the move from Rosewood to Ravenswood, the new PLL spin-off. The news was announced –where else? — via the PLL Twitter account, with the tweet reading “BREAKING NEWS: @tylerjblackburn is headed to the #PLL spin-off series @RavenswoodABCF premiering this October on @ABCFamily! #Ravenswood.”

However, don’t worry if you’re nervous about saying goodbye to Caleb too suddenly, as they also confirmed that he’ll be back for season four, which premieres on June 11. While we’re still learning about the upcoming spin-off, so far we know that it takes place in Ravenswood, a town near Rosewood, PA, where the Liars live. The town has suffered under a deadly curse for generations, and the third annual PLL Halloween episode will be used to introduce Ravenswood and its inhabitants, with the first episode premiering right after.

When we last left Caleb in the season three finale, he wanted to look for his father who had skipped town after being accusing of stealing from the church he was working at — even though it was really A who set him up. Maybe he’ll find him over in Ravenswood?

What do YOU think of this casting news? Are you sad to see him leaving Rosewood and most likely — gulp — Hanna? Sound off in the comments section!

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  • Hayley

    I don’t want to see Caleb leaving Rosewoord and of course Hanna!! I would like to see him again in PLL!!

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  • Brutus

    Is this show going to be a part of Pretty Little Liars? Or is it just a spinoff of PLL? It would be cool if they were intertwined somehow.

  • Sammy

    I want to see this show!

  • Erica

    I’m hoping that Ravenswood will will be in PLL. Will they still run into each other?! PLEASE!!! It would be cool to have each shows characters be guests on the other. I’ve always thought that I would make a good dark character. Hit me up Marlene King!!