First Look: Taylor Swift on the ‘New Girl’ Season Finale!

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Entertainment Weekly

Taylor Swift is ready for New Girl! The country singer is set to show off her acting chops on the season finale of FOX’s hit show on May 14, and Entertainment Weekly has a sneak peek. Just in case you’re not up to speed on New Girl, here’s a quick break down of what will be happening in the finale: Jess (Zooey Deschanel) and the rest of the gang (Nick, Schmidt, and Winston) are attending the wedding of Jess’ BFF CeCe, which is basically an arranged marriage.

At the wedding, Jess will meet a fellow attendee named Elaine, played by the “22″ singer, and that’s about all we know. However, it looks like Taylor is a huge fan of the show, as New Girl creator Liz Meriwether told EW that Taylor was quoting lines from previous episodes when she came to set.

Jake Johnson — who plays Nick — sang Taylor’s praises, telling the mag she was “very good,” adding, “She came in and is really nice. It’s not an easy scene. There were probably 70 extras there — though I’m sure she performs to so much bigger [crowds] than that on a regular basis. She had, like, a little monologue and delivered it perfectly. Liz gave her alternative jokes and lines, she delivered them all perfectly. It was frustrating!”

Are you excited for Taylor to be on New Girl? Will you tune in when her episode airs on May 14? Sound off in the comments!

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6 Responses to "First Look: Taylor Swift on the ‘New Girl’ Season Finale!"

    Chloe says:

    OH MY GOD YAYYY im so excited to see Taylor on New Girl! im not a massive fan of New Girl but i am a swiftie and i can see it in my country!!! :D so im REALLY excited!! :D

    Charlie says:

    Yes, of course I’m very interested and will watch. I’m a big fan of Taylor, Zooey & New Girl. I’ve also written a screenplay for a movie that I’d like to get Taylor to star in with Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban. So this will give me another chance to see Taylor act.

    priya says:

    Is zooey wearing a saree?

    shaney says:

    I love her dress!

    Natasha says:

    Heck yes !!! I can’t wait .. But It will take forever for it to come out in the uk .

    Sammy says:

    I love Taylor! I’m definitely going to watch this episode.

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