Over 30 San Diego High School Students Suspended For a Twerking Video

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Looks like these students definitely won’t be twerking at their senior prom. Nearly 30 San Diego students from Scripps Ranch High got in trouble for making a suggestive twerking video, with their punishment including no prom, no graduation, and suspension.

The video features a number of high school students “twerking,” (maybe you remember the dance move from a video Miley Cyrus recently made? Except, she was in a unicorn onesie when she was twerking) which is basically a variation of a booty shake that some say is derived from the moves of an exotic dancer. In the video, they refer to themselves as the “Scripps Ranch High School Twerk Team,” and do all kinds of twerking moves. (Again, Miley referred to her fans as the #MCTwerkTeam — more inspiration?) Some girls are even upside down when doing it!

Now, you may be wondering why exactly the students got in so much trouble for the video, and according to the school, there argument is that the students were in “violation of the school’s honor code when they performed the sexually suggestive dance move, which involves girls shaking their hips and boys watching them do so.” Another reason there is an issue with it is because it was all filmed on school grounds.

However, it’s reported that the San Diego school board is reviewing their punishment, so they just might get to attend their prom and graduation after all.

What do YOU think of these teens getting suspended for twerking? Did the punishment fit the crime? Or was it too harsh? Sound off in the comments section!

Watch: Miley’s Twerk Vid

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  • Bob

    This is ridiculous. They should not have been punished for this. Maybe a suspension for representing the school while disregarding the honor code, but no graduation, really? 30 STUDENTS?

  • Joe


    How quick parents forget when they were growing up.
    They drank, did pot and other crap. Listened to rock, did the twist went to concerts stayed out late, lied to there parents about staying at a friends house. And you let a school system fuck-up your kids future. REALLY?? School Districts are becoming DICTATORSHIPS. AND YOU ALL ALLOW IT…

  • Rocksta

    I think they should be suspended and no prom. But taking away their graduation is like taking away their future.

  • Amethyst

    Well, honestly that’s retarded! Now in the 21st century that’s normal behavior for teens! Now i do understand the suspension, but no prom or graduation? That’s too much! If they were gonna get in trouble well let it be from parents not the school. See why this is so harsh is simply because they’ve worked hard, (obviously!) to get to the graduation point and to have that pretty much thrown away because they were having fun is ridiculous. Prom is a once in a lifetime experience don’t crush that dream! So yea I’m against most of the punishment.

  • Bella

    I think the being banned from prom and graduation was very harsh. They did it for fun, being suspended for filming on school grounds is okay, but prom and graduation? a no.

  • Brittley

    As a teen from SD, I think the school board WAS a bit harsh. Should they be suspended? YES. Should they be suspended from prom and graduation? NO WAY JOSE! Like, sheezus, let them have fun. Even senior pranks and ditch days don’t receive such harsh punishment…

  • Sammy

    That’s so hilarious and ridiculous!

  • Ale

    “There argument” should be corrected to “its argument” as the school is one entity. If you had wanted to make the school a plural object then it would be “their argument.”