Justin Bieber and Usher Slapped with $10 Million Lawsuit

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If it’s not something about his love life or pet problems or any of his rants on Twitter, you can still be sure to catch Justin Bieber making headlines. Unfortunately, this one may cost him more than his reputation.

According to reports, the 19-year-old singer and his mentor, Usher, are being sued for $10 million by performer Devin Copeland (a.k.a. De Rico) and songwriter Mareio Overton for copyright infringement.

The pair claim that Justin and Usher’s 2010 hit “Somebody to Love” was stolen from De Rico’s 2008 song of the same name on his My Story II album. “Aside from the identical title, the suit says that the songs have the same time signature and chorus hook, both use similar chords at similar points in the songs, and both feature “call and response” passages at similar points in the songs.”

The report also suggests that De Rico and Mareio were put in touch with Usher’s mother (slash former manager), who allegedly said that her R&B son had listened to the track and wanted De Rico to possibly tour with him in the future, meaning that the chart-topper can’t claim it was a coincidence.

So far, there’s been no word from Justin’s reps, but he’s faced similar issues and gotten out just fine. In summer 2012, the mother of one of his fans filed a $9 million lawsuit, alleging that the Biebs caused her permanent hearing loss at one of his concerts. Even more recently, one of JB’s former bodyguards sued the pint-sized performer for more than $420,000 for overtime and alleged assault. But, as everyone can see, Justin’s pockets aren’t short of dough.

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  • Maya

    Justin Bieber is always getting into trouble. Other singers from his country don’t get into as much trouble.

  • chantelben

    omg people r getting overhead just because justin is rich tht doesnt mean he as to be accused of stuff he didnt do or being sued

  • jack

    justin bieber is the criminal ,loser

  • Andy

    Whats the title of de Rico song that they think someone to love is the same?

    • Anna

      Somebody to love…

  • Valerie

    Im not surprised

  • Sammy

    This is so ridiculous! People are so jealous these days!

  • DelLesia

    oh wow what happened