Justin Bieber Attacked On Stage During Concert in Dubai

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Remember when Justin Bieber had the worst month ever in March? Well, it looks like a little bit of might be coming back his way. On Sunday evening while performing a show at the Sevens Stadium in Dubai, the 19-year-old singer was attacked by a man while he was playing his hit song “Believe.”

While Justin sat at a piano, an intruder rushed on the stage, but was quickly taken down by Justin’s security. The piano was even knocked over in the process of escorting the attacker off stage.

Justin’s rep released a statement to E! News clarifying the situation saying, “All is fine. A man ran on stage during ‘Believe’ and tried to grab Justin and knocked the piano over. He was a fan. Security detained the young man. All was fine and Justin continued the show.”

Naturally, JB took to Twitter to speak his voice about the incident, tweeting:

Check out a video of the scary situation below.

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Drama Just Seems to Follow Justin Bieber…

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  • audrey

    I HATE JUSTIN BIEBER!!! but still i dont think thats right for a fan to try to hug or jump or whatever on him while he’s singing at a concert! oh and the only reason he kept singing is because hes a lip singer!

  • Taryn

    Even though I don’t like Bieber I still think that’s messed up, :/

  • Virginia Whitney

    He was a “fan”, what fan attacks there favorite celebrity? I don’t agree with any act of violence.

  • Sammy

    OMG! That was horrible! But I loved how Justin kept singing!

  • idk bro

    that girl in the background.. “JUSTIN ARE YOU OKAY? JUSTIN!”


  • ellen cassidy

    Only reason he kept performing was because he was lip singing….

  • Marianna Rivera

    Wow….That “guy” is a little sweet with extra sprinkles on top…..

  • wwefnjefw

    He deserves that