FOX Rejects ‘Delirium’ Pilot Starring Emma Roberts and Daren Kagasoff

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Twitter (@DarenKagasoff)

Twitter (@DarenKagasoff)

Despite support from the stars of Awkward. and Pretty Little Liars, Delirium, the story based on a society where love is considered a disease starring Emma Roberts and Daren Kagasoff, is no longer tapped for television release.

Back in January, news of a potential TV series for Lauren Oliver‘s hit YA dystopian trilogy came to fruition, sending Invalids (or fans of the franchise) into a frenzy across the Internet. However, as delicately put by Entertainment Weekly, “This year’s pilot season has claimed its first online fandom victims” with FOX’s rejection of the show.

On the show’s fate, Emma tweets, “Sad about #Delirium. Thank you guys so much for your support!!!”

As for her would-be love interests, Daren and Gregg Sulkin say:

And, in an even longer message on Gregg’s WhoSay account, he writes, “Unfortunately, it’s official that Delirium did NOT get picked up by FOX. Firstly, and I am sure I speak on behalf of all the cast, I would like to thank everyone for their support over the past few weeks. Never have I experienced, or seen anything like that in my life. Your support for the show has simply been sensational. I am very humbled and grateful. The cast, producers, crew are as devastated as you are. We were all extremely passionate about this project, and [were] looking forward to working with each other on a regular basis. It wasn’t meant to be. However, as they say, as one door closes, another opens, and I hope you guys continue to stay on this journey with me. Of course, I would have loved the show to get on the air, but lets continue now to kick on, as a team, and I hope I can continue to make you guys proud in the future.”

How do you feel about the turn of events? Would you have wanted a Delirium TV show? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Well, at Least Emma Roberts is Best Dressed…

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  • Kimberly

    I loved the book Delirium and the whole series so much. When I found out ther was going to be a TV show I was so exided. It’s just really sad that isn’t happening anymore. I know the show would have ment a lot to a lot of peopel :( <3

  • elle

    I liked it. Too bad there will be no more- guess I will have to read the books to get a conclusion.
    It did seem to me that it would have been better as a movie – in fact, I thought it was until some time into it.

  • Kamilla

    Actually I’d rather see a movie of the book, not a TV show, but even a TV show is better than nothing. I hope there will be a movie soon though.

  • Oceanna

    I wish it was picked up. I started reading the trilogy at the beginning of the school year and have been totally hoping for it to become a movie or tv show. This is the first time I’ve heard news of it almost being picked up. Ugh!

  • Madi

    I think it should be a movie or be picked up by another network!! definetly not abc family though they will just jack it completely up and you wont even know its based on the books. I would even be fine with bbc over abc family just definetly not abc family. They suck.

  • Kim

    Im glad it didnt get picked up. I cannot stand Emma Roberts. I went to highschool with her for 3 years and she picked relentlessly on a disabled kid among other things. She is in general a meanspirited, vapid, rude person and I cannot stand seeing her.

  • Leena

    This show should be on ABC Family! However it might be off-putting for “Secret Life” fans who love Dylan playing Ricky on the show.. But still! They should…

  • Kelly

    Can I just cry now…..

  • Selina

    Delirium should become a movie!! I bet it will be as popular as the Hunger Games and Twilight

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  • Laurel

    I say it should have been a movie from the beginning. Maybe that will come next!

  • Sammy

    That’s upsetting! I was looking forward to seeing this show!

  • Claire

    It should be picked up by another network because it’s very popular or made into a movie..

  • A


  • GeeklyChic07

    What!!! I was so looking forward to this! For me, these books were amazing and kept me reading. This would have been pure epicness :'(