Quiz: Which Summer Movie Should You Have Been Cast In?

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Warner Bros.

Warner Bros.

Summer movie season is officially here, and there are plenty of flicks that have distinct looks when it comes to style. From the old-school glam of The Great Gatsby, to the edgy-punk look of The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, which movie should YOU be starring in based on your taste in fashion? Take the quiz to find out!


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5 Responses to "Quiz: Which Summer Movie Should You Have Been Cast In?"

  1. Teen.com
    Emre says:

    You get a lot of respect from me for writing these helpful arcislet.

  2. Teen.com
    Maya says:

    TMI of course!!!! That is the best book series ever and I know its gonna be an even better movie:)

  3. Teen.com
    Tessa says:

    TMI! I am completly in love with the books, and can’t wait for the movie!
    I would love to be in one of their sticky situations with them. And be trained like them

  4. Teen.com
    Lu says:

    TMI! I loved the books and I love action like, I always wanted to be sort of spy like in the movies when they fight.

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