Miley Cyrus Calls Out Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift Fans on Twitter

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Twitter (@MileyCyrus)

Twitter (@MileyCyrus)

It feels like it’s been forever since tween favorites Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus catfought via YouTube (remember? With Demi Lovato and Mandy Jiorux, respectively). Now, years after the girls began their feud, it seems the beef’s not altogether over. At least when it comes to their fans…

Over the weekend, Miley took care to call out Sel’s fandom, as well as fans of Taylor Swift, saying: “Everyday someone with a Swift or Gomez in there name wishes terrible things upon me (death is popular). Please Smilers don’t ever think somehow you are supporting me by being hateful towards other artist. My fans make me proud by supporting my music & everything I do.”

She continues, “I’m sure these haters would make their idols much happier tweeting about their music rather than wishing death upon their peers like psychos.”

Though, Miley does point out that her fans aren’t entirely innocent: “Btw im not saying Smilers can’t act cray cray too. #deaththreats #TOOOOFAR,” adding her most important note at the end:

So there you have it. Miley, Taylor and Selena are on more than good terms with each other, so why do you think fans are hating on MiCy? Weigh in via the comments below, or on our Miley Cyrus message board!

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  • moses

    Miley mst stop hattin’ on selena and taylor they sing better than her

  • Mia

    Miley Is Grown Up , And Selena And Taylor Are Still Acting Immature. Miley Is One Mature Girl As I Know It Cause Basaiclly Taylor Still Writes About Her Ex’s And Selena Just Wants Miley To Be Hate. MUCH Love To MILEY. Miley Has Done Mistakes Like Everyone Else. Taylor Has Done Mistakes, And Also Selena Has Done Mistakes Too. So Don’t Expect A Celebrity To Be A Perfect Person. As For All Miley Haters Please Stop With All Negative Comments Or Death Threats.

  • Maddie

    SO sick of Miley and she doesn’t “Radiate Love” she is the biggest hypocrite. She needs to stop whining about everything, paps, hate, etc. Selena has gotten way more than you and has not said a word about it. MILEY YOU CHOSE FAME SO SHUT UP.

    • celcia

      that ‘s so true

    • Jurnee

      Correction Miley didn’t choose fame. She was BORN into it. How can you say she complains about everything? She’s been going threw stuff MUCH longer then Selena. Also are you saying Selena hasn’t said a word about when she got hate from Justin’s fans? Because there is a whole article about her and what she said about it. Also how do you think Miley is feeling? Miley has feelings too, not just Selena. Really I’m just saying that Selena isn’t innocent, because nobody is perfect.

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  • Sammy

    If anything, Miley shouldn’t be mad at Taylor or Selena. They have nothing to do with what comes out of their fans’ mouths.

    • Tanya

      Miley isn’t mad at Taylor or Selena, she’s mad (for the lack of a better word) about what their fans are saying to her. You must not pay attention