‘Catching Fire’ Releases New Katniss Poster

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Back in March we got to see some Catching Fire character posters, but now we’re getting another sneak peek! The Hunger Games recently joined Instagram, and decided to reveal this poster of Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) as a little celebration.

Standing tall and overlooking (what we assume is) District 12, Katniss appears proud as she wears her dad’s old hunting jacket and carries her trusty bow and arrow. The poster’s caption reads, “The sun persists in rising, so I have to make myself stand.”

The Hunger Games teased this particular reveal on Monday, as they shared the below photo with the caption, “‘Determined to carry on…’ Tomorrow.” As you may notice, the highlighted line is the caption on the poster. Very clever! We hope they keep these sneak peeks coming!



What do YOU think of this latest poster? How does it compare to her first one? Sound off in the comments section!

Beetee 'Catching Fire' Portrait

Caesar Flickerman 'Catching Fire' Portrait

Cinna 'Catching Fire' Portrait

Haymitch 'Catching Fire' Portrait

Effie 'Catching Fire' Portrait

Johanna Mason 'Catching Fire' Portrait

Katniss 'Catching Fire' Portrait

Peeta 'Catching Fire' Portrait

Gale 'Catching Fire' Portrait

Finnick 'Catching Fire' Portrait

President Snow 'Catching Fire' Portrait

See Katniss’ Stunning Poster!

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  • Joanne

    OMG Finnick looks amaze, can’t wait!!!!

  • Gretchen

    So excited! The books were so good!

  • Holly

    Counting down the days!!!!

  • Kim Buus

    can not WAIT!!!!

  • monik

    esas fotos se ven increíbles que se estrene pronto la peli

  • Sammy

    Ahhh! I can’t wait till the movie comes out!