Happy Birthday, Joey Graceffa! 10 Amaze GIFs For the Birthday Boy!

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Oh my goodness gracious — it’s Joey Graceffa‘s birthday! The hilarious Teen host turns 22 today, and to celebrate we pulled together some of his best GIFs!

Whether he’s vlogging a day in the life, or making us laugh with one of his shows like Prank Off or PWND, we hope Joey has the best b-day ever! Check out the great GIFs below, and share your b-day love in the comments!

Oh my goodness, Joey’s 22!


How will he be celebrating?


With some friends?


Doing some solo vlogging?


Getting chased down by video game creatures?


Or maybe he’ll be classy and rock a bow tie all day?


Either way, we hope it’s filled with smiles!


And maybe some Harlem Shaking


And we can’t forget about presents!

No matter what, we hope Joey has a FAB birthday!


Send your birthday love to Joey in the comments section!

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  • haley

    I love u have a very happy birtday

    • haley

      I love u have a very happy birthday

  • Ashley

    ERMAHGERD I’M SO LATE! But; Happy birthday Joey!! (Aka, my future hubbyanya!) LOVE YOU JOEYY XDXD

  • Lovely

    I know I’m so late but I’ve loved Joey since his wsp days with Britney and I know he had an awsome bday.joey if u see this I love you so much<3

  • Molly

    Omg I love u sooooo much happy birthday!

  • Caroline

    happy birthday joey! thank you for making videos every day. whenever i feel sad or mad at myself or the world, i just go on youtube and watch your videos. you can make the worst of days better. you are super funny, amazing, and i love you! may the odds be ever in your favor 😉

  • autumn


  • Sammy

    OMG! Happy birthday Joey! I love you! You’re the best!

  • Victor

    We all wish Joeyannya and Kitty-kat paddy wack a great birthday. love’em!