From Our BFFs: Which Celeb Admitted She’s Scared of One Direction Fans?

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Find out which celeb said she’s terrified of One Direction‘s fandom. [PopCrush]

What’d you think of 1D’s big announcement? Many Directioners are calling it a “disappointment.” [Crushable]

Carly Rae Jepsen talks Justin Bieber (as usual). [M]

LISTEN: Britney Spears‘ new track for Smurfs 2 will leave you saying ‘Ooh la la.’ [Hollywire]

How to look like Jennifer Lawrence (even when you don’t look like Jennifer Lawrence). [SparkNotes]

Speaking of J.Law, was she involved in a multi-million dollar heist?? [Wetpaint]

The Notebook, Pearl Harbor, and more movies to help you get over break-up. [Gurl]

Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler, we say this with love — GET A ROOM!  [Just Jared Jr.]

Are you Team Stefan or Team Damon? Elena finally made her choice on The Vampire Diaries! [The Vampire Diaries]

Post-split, Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev were forced to reunite already. [ClevverTV]

Sorry, Mr. Schue fans — the Glee guy’s NOT on the list of Best TV Teachers. [HelloGiggles]

Well, that’s one way to make a bad-ass prom entrance. [HuffPost Teen]

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14 Responses to "From Our BFFs: Which Celeb Admitted She’s Scared of One Direction Fans?"

    hailie says:

    HA HA!

      Dayana says:

      such a cute outfit! you were one city over from me! i live in nweport! even though i’ve lived here my whole life, i still call it cali and always wear the wrong thing to the beach… some things i think i’ll never learn no matter how long i live here! my friend goes to fidm too and I’m so jealous of his free photoshop 6! such a nice perk!

    Claire says:

    Directioners prefer the term “passionate”….thank you very much.. :)

    Claire says:

    Dircettioners prefer the term “passionate”….thankyou very much.. :)

    Claire says:

    We Directioners prefer the term.”passionate”…. ;)

    Lola says:

    We Directioners prefer the term “passionate”………

    Lola says:

    We Directioners prefer the term “passionate”…….

    Mary says:

    We Directioners prefer the term “passionate”..

    Mary says:

    We directioners prefer the term “passionate”…!

    pamella says:


    Sammy says:

    Lol! Those 1D fans are crazy!

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