Taylor Swift Gags at Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber’s BBMA Kiss

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Although Justin Bieber‘s Billboard Music Awards night was filled with an eye roll by Miley Cyrus and boos from the crowd, he still can be proud of one thing (beside his two performances and, ya know, all those awards): a smooch from his on-again/off-again love, Selena Gomez. However, not everyone was impressed by the kiss…

They say a picture’s worth a 1,000 words. So we wonder how much this GIF of Jelena‘s reunion/Taylor Swift‘s reaction to said reunion would go for. Now that’s tongue action everyone can appreciate. (Ha!) Tell us, how do you feel about Justin & Selena 2.0 (slash more like 8.0)? Are you ecstatic, don’t really care, or making faces like Taylor? Spill!

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  • Duncan

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  • Emma

    Oh my freaking gosh everyone just needs to calm down. Taylor probably isn’t “jealous of their love” or “being a hater”, she is just being silly. Taylor and Selena are FRIENDS! That’s what friends do, they tease each other.

  • Eowyn

    i find it cute what taylor did, like what real friends do. mock each other. People are being too hard on her. She just enjoying her life.

    • Nicolette

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  • taylor

    i LOVE taylor, and selena and justin. but i find it odd that Taylor would do that. i mean, if selena and justin are trying to work it out, she should support them. Not act like a child. I love you swifty, but come on……

  • Bricelda Santiago say:

    Taylor you are to UGLY for Harry…….even S

  • adamari


  • jenny

    justin picked the right girl to have not taylor swift hahahahahahaha :)

  • adamari

    peopel dont like you:/

  • Stacy

    This really grosses me out the fact that a 23 year old is making a face a child would make over her friend giving a kiss to someone she obviously still cares about. I am so glad she got busted with this because it is either that sour face she makes or now this one. Taylor Swift time to become a woman now and get rid of those tight shorts and please learn how to dance. It makes me cringe.

  • patty b.

    taylor y are u jelly your 23 just becuse you don’t know how to have a stable relationship doesn’t mean jelena dosen’t

    • upsidedown

      oh yeah cause if you watched the Billboard Music Awards, she said that her fans were her longest relationship xD

      • sandy

        Please don’t tell me you believe that crap… haha they say that stuff because they want you to continue buying their music so they stay on top. I am sure they care in their own way but no it isn’t a real relationship.

  • mickay

    Nice one taylor! ahhaha love it! 😀

  • Midz

    I admit I don’t like Selena and Bieber together because Selena could do a million times better! But whether Taylor was kidding or not she’s probably jealous of their love since hers always ends in heartbreak and an annoying break up song! Honey needs to get some new material for her songs! Its annoying to hear all bout her breakups! I mean seriously she is deluded if she thinks the guys are the reason for her break-up when clearly its her do the maths 6 different guys and one girl! Totally obviously who’s the problem in the relationship!

  • Sammy

    Taylor’s hilarious! I find the kiss really cute! I’m glad they’re back together!

  • athena

    I don’t think that they are dating again!!I think that that kiss was a congratulations kiss and i don’t believe anything untill the say that they are dating again!!But come on now what’s Taylor’s problem anyway??

    • Andril

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  • Emily

    They’re not dating again because that kiss could’ve just been a congratulations kiss and Selena said she was single and they didn’t admit they got back together so I’m not believing anything until one of them says they’re back together again

    • Jerry

      Justin and Selena never admitted to being a couple even when they started dating and yet, they’ve been a couple for 3 years. Ever since they’ve hooked up in December 2010, there have been photos and videos of them kissing on the lips and Selena is a horrible liar when it comes to people asking if she’s dating Justin. She lied about not dating Justin back in 2010 and she obviously lied about being single this year. Remember the old saying, “actions speak louder than words”.

  • jamie

    Taylor according to Selena you two were good friends and yet you make that face to her and her boyfriend, it is sickens me of what you have become. I can’t stand most of your new music or just you. I use tto look up to. Its time to grow up, your 23 and still singing breakup songs, change it up!

    • Jesse Ramirez

      thank you. so what i was thinking

    • Jesse Ramirez

      thank you. so what i was thinking

    • Wendy

      Guys…..look at her face….. she smiles when she does it…….SHE’S FREAKING KIDDING. You know how when you see you and your friend’s boyfriend/girlfriend kissing or something and you laugh and say “Gosh, get a room you two!” SAME FREAKING DIFFERENCE! She’s just playing around. Gosh, you all will do anything just to hate on someone won’t you. THAT’S sickening.

      • jamie

        Whether it is a joke or not, it’s is still rude! but she still needs to grow up and change her music up

    • Lizzie

      Taylor grow U R 23 NOT IN HIGH SCHOOL

  • Jen

    There’s nothing wrong because all Selena did was congratulate Justin on the award and Taylor just had to make a face.Really Taylor :(