The ‘Dancing with the Stars’, Season 16 Finale Results Anger Zendaya Fans

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Twitter (@Aly_Raisman)

Twitter (@Aly_Raisman)

On the shocking conclusion to the 16th season of Dancing with the Stars, front-runner Zendaya Coleman was edged out of winning the coveted Mirror Ball trophy by Kellie Pickler.

Now, we’re not saying ‘front-runner’ as a biased opinion. The Shake It Up! star was actually the leading contestant according to the judges’ scoring. (Zendaya and her partner, Valentin Chmerkovskiy, received a perfect score on Monday night’s finals.) But, in a surprising twist, the American Idol alum took home the winning title along with her partner, Derek Hough.

So it’s over, right? Erh, not quite. The Disney Channel star’s Zwaggers aren’t convinced it was a fair fight. To start off, due to a technical glitch, fans were not able to cast their votes on; only via calling, texting and Facebook-ing.

Secondly, according to NY Daily News, “most of [Zendaya’s] are in bed by the time DWTS airs.” They’re currently calling for a recount:

What do you think of the results? Do you think Kellie or Zendaya (or even Jacoby Jones or Aly Raisman) deserved to win? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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  • Andrea

    Derek and Kellie had the most votes from the judges.
    Derek was going to win either way. Winning means nothing on dancing with the stars.
    Let Derek have it. That is what he lives for.
    I love watching the dancers and Derek is sneaky and distant until he knows it is in the bag. Derek copies others and he takes credit.
    I would like to see the celebs switch off with the pros. The pros don’t need a MBT.
    The celebs are the reason for the show.All the pros & celebs are worn out by the end

  • Cyd

    Zendaya and Val definitely deserved to win!! I was shocked when the announcement of the winner was made. Something definitely is not right with the voting system. Definitely demand a recount!! I think the judges have something against the Chmerkovsky brothers (who in my opinion are and will be the best dancers on that show)!!

  • Alyssa

    Zendaya totally deserved that MBT. Kellie won only because her fans are on FB, because us Zendaya fans totally rely on since we don’t have it. But what was funny was that was down on the most important night, and as soon as Kellie and Derek won, it was back up. It wasn’t a fair fight and we demand a recount!

  • Judy

    Some International voters rely on voting through abc and weren’t aware of the glitch. I thought that my vote was counted for the finals only to hear that it wasn’t. I agree that there should be a re-count because most of Zendaya’s or Jacoby’s or Aly’s fans’ votes could have come through that medium…it’s only fair, just and the wisest thing to do.

  • steve

    If the votes couldn’t be called in I think the judges should be able to make the final call but both were good and zendaya and val were the best

  • Brian

    There should definitely be a recount for the final votes. Technical glitches don’t win competitions, so it wasn’t fair. REEECOOOUUUNNNT!

  • Andrea

    Val and Zendaya were amazing to watch. Make a movie with them and Karina and Maks. That is charmisa, fun and shows love of dance. They won my heart.