Ashley Benson Addresses Tyler Blackburn Dating Rumors

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Instagram (@itsashbenzo)

Instagram (@itsashbenzo)

Why are we always the bearers of bad news? In a recent no-filter interview with Huffington Post, Ashley Benson quashed the dreams of Haleb fans all over the world and flat out denied any romantic involvement with Tyler Blackburn. Oh yeah, and Keegan Allen too. Boo!

When asked what the dumbest thing the Pretty Little Liars star’s read about herself, she responds, “That I’m dating all of my friends. Every time I’m hanging out with Tyler [Blackburn], Keegan [Allen], my friend Isaac, my friends who are girls, I’m dating all of them. It’s very strange. I have a new boyfriend, a new girlfriend every week. But I’m single and I don’t have a boyfriend.”

Buh-but, they just looked so cozy together, and Tyler even said he loves her! Sigh.

On another note, she did discuss one particularly awkward PLL scene with Ty: “The first time Tyler and I had to have a love scene, that was awkward because he was newer to the show, but ever since then it’s great. I’ve never really had an awkward scene on PLL.”

As for dating deal-breakers: “If a guy doesn’t make me laugh, I just can’t. I’m such a goofy person. I love to mess with people. I love to make fun of people. He has to make me laugh or else it’s not going to work out.”

Who would you wanna see Ashley date in real life? Tyler? Keegan? Maybe even James Franco? After all, there was that one time… Go ahead, spill!

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  • I’m A

    I love HALEB and I wish Ashley and Tyler will just be together in real life. They are really cute

  • wal

    i want tyler blackburn

  • Rebecca

    I think Tyshley should happen because they are so cute together. And Keegan is mine.

  • Aimee

    I think Ashley benson should day Tyler Blackburn they. Make a cute cople
    And btw keegan Allen is mine

  • Amy


  • Sammy

    They would look cute together in real life!