Taylor Swift’s Neighbors Are Fuming; Call Her Arrival an Invasion

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While Taylor Swift‘s Red tour is on hiatus, the country singer’s kicking back on her new beach front property in Westerly, Rhode Island. But not everyone’s as relaxed as Taylor during her musical break…

It appears that the “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” crooner’s angered the people living in the surrounding area of her mansion because members of her security team patrol the public beach. According to reports, with summer rolling in, “people are really grumbling about having Taylor in town. Her property line is at the path to the public beach and she always has guards patrolling the area. It’s making it such a hassle.”

Some neighbors even expressed their frustrations on Twitter:

It’s understandable that members of the community are angry. But at the same time, you could also look at it as a safety precaution for the 23-year-old. After all, a man was arrested a few weeks ago for swimming to her home.

What do you think of the situation? Whose side are you on, the neighbors or T.Swift’s? Weigh in via the comments below, or on our Taylor Swift message board!

Taylor Swift Lookalike Attacked by Classmate

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  • Anna Wallace

    Her guards need to respect the community. Residents should contact the authorities if this a big problem so that some sort of resolution can be reached. That being said, it isn’t really Taylor’s fault what her guards do. She is usually not at her house anyway, so she can’t really control her security team’s every move. She has every right to purchase a peace of property and ensure her safety upon it, but her security team needs to realize that non-celebrities have just as many rights as her.

  • Carmie

    This is probably the prettiest picture I’ve seen of her since she wore that white dress.

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  • Gary Carlson

    The Rhode Island Constitution Article 1, Section 17 specifically protects citizens’ rights to fish from the shore, to gather seaweed, to leave the shore to swim in the sea, and to walk along the shore. In Rhode Island, state waters of public domain extend from mean high water three miles out to sea. Above mean high water, land and resources may be, and often are, privately owned.

    There is also a law which grants the public a 10 foot right of way above the high tide line. This dates back to the days when gathering seaweed was a viable business and oxen draw carts were used to transport the product off the beach. The law is still on the books.

    So go and use the beach in Westerly, walk the shoreline and if you are harassed by these thugs emplyed by her call 911………….

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  • mickay

    The beach is evryone’s property

  • Lizzie

    It’s actually public property, not her property. As a public beach people have the right to visit it with the belief that they will not be harassed or feel threatened, that’s the problem that’s been occurring with her bodyguards. She and her guards don’t have the right to harass or claim the beach as hers. If anything I wouldn’t be surprised if the residents who frequently visit the beach that have been harassed don’t file a lawsuit against them.

  • Meg

    Okay one thing is that she write break up songs about boyfriends.Know this what els she gonna do? She took away people`s getway know it`s Her`s

    • Tyson

      Pardon me?

  • Shelby

    here the thing she is having her guards threaten the people on a puplic beach they are not even on her property she owns up to the beach front not the walkway or wall. I have read other stories and people are being threatened by her guards the guards are in the wrong not the people going to a PUBLIC beach.

  • Brenda

    Is it Public or what? Well it depends if its public then give some beach back and if not whatever just leave her

  • Ashley

    So she wants to be treated like a “normal girl” but has security patrolling a PUBLIC beach? No that beach is not just for her. She needs to think about someone other than herself for once. She’s a terrible rolemodel! She writes songs publicly bashing her ex bfs and makes fun of 1 of them on a major award show. She dates people for publicity and her songs not love. She needs to understand that not everything is for her. If she wants to have her security roaming the beach she can go buy herself one. Sorry but she’s lost all of my respect.

    • Katie Schmidt

      She may want to be treated like a normal girl, but when she has creepy men swimming to her house at night and guys climbing into her yard, she needs her property to be protected. She was named the most charitable celebrity of 2012. She is an incredibly generous and kind person. She spends hours comforting and playing for sick children, and cries when they die. Have you ever heard the song “Ronan”? She wrote that after finding a mother’s blog about her son’s cancer. She reached out to that family, invited them to one of her concerts, comforted them, and then wrote a song in memory of their son when he passed away. 100% of the proceeds of this song went to cancer research. She is a great role model. She teaches girls that they are important, that they should be nice to people, that they should be proud of the things that make them different, that they don’t have to put up with crap, and that they should express their feelings. She is a 23-year-old girl, give her a break! Everyone dates multiple people, gets their heart broken and makes mistakes at that age. She doesn’t date guys for publicity. She was famous, breaking records and winning prestigious awards before she started dating all those celebrities. She falls in love passionately, which doesn’t have to be a bad thing. She can’t control the very move of her security team, especially since she’s usually not even at her Rhode Island house. If they are being morons, it’s their own fault. Taylor is an incredibly talented songwriter, inspiring role model and generous philanthropist. While you, most likely a hormonal teenage girl who actually thinks that One Direction makes quality music, whine and lie on the internet, music experts, dignitaries and millions of other people worldwide appreciate Taylor for all she has done and what she represents.

      • Carmen

        I agree

  • Sammy

    That’s kind of ridiculous to have bodyguards patrolling a public beach. It’s a public beach and I think the people of the town have a right on the beach.

  • Maddie

    First off that is completely selfish people have the right to enjoy the beach.You don’t own the beach Taylor .that is completely crazy you have to have that many guards when no one wants you there!!!!!!!

  • Sea

    The guards are just keeping Taylor safe on her own property. She completely has a right to do that.

    • Karleigh

      It’s a public beach the neighbors who have actually have lived there awhile have a right to be on the beach.

  • Sea

    The guards are just there to keep Taylor safe on her own property. She completely has a right to do that.

  • Shelby Scott

    Alright, that may be her property but does she really need to keep the people away from the beach where it is PUBLIC?? If she didn’t want people near her property, she shouldn’t have bought that specific place because it seems to me she’s just being selfish. There shouldn’t be any need for harassment. Besides, from what it sounds like, nobody wants to see her there so why have that many guards in the first place.

  • Kelly

    Taylor needs to get over herself, shes so rude to fans. Never wanting to meet fans outside or anything and her security is especially rude considering they told me, “You and Taylor live in two different worlds.” Shut up, just because you’re famous doesn’t mean you’re better than everyone.

    • Matt

      Wow, they had the audacity to say that? How pompous, as if they aren’t just lucky guys from Westerly. And Shelby, ever hear of an OLD TWITTER ACCOUNT?

      That aside: The property IS 100% Taylor’s, including the wall. I called and asked Town Hall. I thank her guards for never calling the police.

    • Ella

      That’s so far from the truth. Taylor always tries her best to meet her fans. She had a meet and greet for 14 hours, and gave every fan a hug at her concert once. “Never wanting to meet her fans?” She’s at her HOUSE. She shouldn’t have to meet her fans when she wants to be alone in her house. I’m sure people are exaggerating and trying to find something to hate on her for.

    • Belle

      How would you like a whole bunch of people waiting outside your house? She lives an incredibly public life. She needs her privacy. She’s on her PRIVATE PROPERTY. Leave her alone.

  • Allie Styles

    These guys are idiots. She is famous. She is pretty. She is not liked by a lot of people (which is stupid because she is not a bad role model, she worked very, very, very hard to get where she is). She needs bodyguards!!!!!!! Also, it’s HER property! She can do what she wants!

  • Virginia

    Of course she needs security guards! Unless these people can provide more concrete examples of how the security guards have bothered them, I see no problem.

  • Shelby

    Guess what? None of these people tweeting actually live in Rhode Island , they live in Conneticut. They are not her neighbors. people are upset about her limiting access to a wall that is on her property but cmon , we all know if someone got hurt on that wall they would sue her to high heaven. She has the right to keep her property private and to protect herself from lawsuits. Sorry not sorry !!It is her property an she bought it so shut up !!

    • Ashley

      I am an RI native and being down in that area today, was ridiculous. Her guards were well past her property glaring at people giving dirty looks and telling others who were walking to ‘go on move along’. I’m sorry but these are locals of the area who have been there for years. Long before this girl was even born. Of course she’s entitled to her privacy and safety I don’t think anyone is saying she’s not, except they can’t just go strolling along the public side of the beach at the shoreline and the public streets around that neighborhood. It’s bullshit.

  • Nataly Carbonell


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