Quiz: Which ‘Divergent’ Faction Do You Belong In?

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The Divergent faction symbols have been revealed. You know what that means — we’re one step closer to the movie release! But before the day comes where we can see Tris, Four & co. on the big screen, find out if you’re meant to fight alongside them in Dauntless, or live in one of the other parts of society. (NOTE: Only the five factions are included; not the Divergent or the Factionless.)


When You’re Done, Take Our New Quiz to Find Out What Would Be in Your Fear Landscape!

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62 Responses to "Quiz: Which ‘Divergent’ Faction Do You Belong In?"

  1. Teen.com
    Natalie says:

    I’m a Dauntless..and like Four, my fear landscape is Fear of Heights..

  2. Teen.com
    Becky says:

    DAUNTLESS!!! And in my fear landscape there are spiders·_·

  3. Teen.com
    Jeremiah spence says:

    HOW OLD ARE YOU 4!!!

  4. Teen.com
    vetbeck1234@gmail.com says:

    k soo I took the test three times I got: dauntless eurudite and abnegation
    if ur twelve email me please but only if u luv mortal instruments and divergent

    • Teen.com
      Sparkle123 says:

      Ah well I just saw divergent the film yesterday and it was AMAZING. BEST FILM EVER!!!!! I love will he’s such a great guy and also four. He’s amazing at acting and I love him to bits.

  5. Teen.com
    #email me at vetbeck1234@gmail.com if ur a fan of divergent and mortal instruments says:

    omg I was dauntless but I don’t think I was honest both times im gonna re take it and be honest as possible

  6. Teen.com
    Theresa says:

    I’m erutide,dauntless,and abnegation

  7. Teen.com
    EricaLynn says:

    I got divergent on more than one quiz & if it wasn’t that always between dauntless or Erudite.

  8. Teen.com
    shelby says:

    I have been told I am more of doubtless but I am divergent as well

  9. Teen.com
    megan says:

    Dauntless for now divergent forever! (Makes sense my middle name is Beatrice)

  10. Teen.com
    Random Dude says:

    I took the quiz and i just found out im dauntless. Out of my 12 questions 10 of them were dauntless.

  11. Teen.com
    Alyssa Ong says:


  12. Teen.com
    aaa says:


  13. Teen.com
    dara says:


  14. Teen.com
    Jenna says:


  15. Teen.com
    Ferlyn says:

    I am dauntless forever

  16. Teen.com
    Ferlyn says:

    I think that u could be your self don’t be different

  17. Teen.com
    Riley says:

    I took a real divergent quiz that Veronica made and I’m dauntless erudite and abnegation I would choose dauntless cuz I would have the most freedom in that faction considering I’m divergent

  18. Teen.com
    talia says:


  19. […] events. On March 20—the day before the release—the book club will hold a party featuring a faction quiz, a trivia contest with prizes, and a viewing of the official trailer—with freshly-popped […]

  20. Teen.com
    Geko says:


  21. Teen.com
    Tris's soul says:

    I’m totally dauntless/Euridite/ Abnegation

  22. Teen.com
    Gilbert says:

    Candor cause you know you can’t handle me!

  23. Teen.com
    Michelle says:


  24. Teen.com
    Vondrea says:

    Dauntless now, Divergent forever baby!!!!

  25. Teen.com
    KLynn says:

    Dauntless baby! Best faction their is

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