Quiz: Which Divergent Faction Do You Belong In?

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The Divergent faction symbols have been revealed. You know what that means — we’re one step closer to the movie release! But before the day comes where we can see Tris, Four & co. on the big screen, find out if you’re meant to fight alongside them in Dauntless, or live in one of the other parts of society. (NOTE: Only the five factions are included; not the Divergent or the Factionless.)


When You’re Done, Take Our New Quiz to Find Out What Would Be in Your Fear Landscape!

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  • jabba

    jabba the hutt

  • Delaney Dorian

    Brace and fearless but love to help others

  • Stephanie

    Candor!!!! That’s crazy ….. I like it but all the other sites say I’m dauntless….I’m confused