GIFts For You: Funny GIFs to Get You to the Weekend

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It’s the first week of June and we’re still afflicted by almost-summer fever. (You heard it here, folks. It’s like spring fever. But worse.) So this week, we’re bringing you a series of GIFs that show everyone from Emma Watson to members of The Wanted going a little cray.

Do you ever feel like someone’s saying something really stupid, but you don’t know how to express how stupid someone’s being? We feel like Emma Watson’s doing that facial finesse perfectly.


Right, Chloe Moretz? Yeaaaaah, we’ll go with that.


It’s been a long day. So we’ll accept Dianna Agron‘s touch of crazy eye at the end of this loop. We’ve all been there.


“Wait… is this for real?” Lily Collins is so adorable, it’s like she’s in a dream world. (But she might be so perfect and loveable, that might actually be a thing.)


When in doubt/high-stress situations, do as Zayn Malik does… and laugh!


In comparison, The Wanted’s Max George feels no shame.


What is this madness? The Internet is crazy. Demi Lovato knows.


But a cute animal GIF makes everything better. Even when you can’t get up. Fact.


Celebrate the New Season of Teen Wolf — with GIFs!

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  • sarah

    whats wrong about Eleanor
    shes awesome kind and pretty

  • Анна

    Любимый Зейн

  • Monique

    I hate Eleanor Calder

    • Zoe

      Me too, high five!

      • oli

        shush shut up about Eleanor and look at da puppy , Its to cute now to talk about

    • Allie Styles

      And this relates to the page how? Plus, it’s not her fault she’s dating Louis Tomlinson, so don’t hate her for it. They are really happy together and by hating her you aren’t being a good fan at all.

      • Kyla

        This comment make me smile because its true I love el,shes amazing!

    • Kyla

      Why she didn’t do anything to you? I love her even know shes Louis Tomłinson girlfriend shes still amazing!!

  • Sammy

    The dog one is adorable!