From Our BFFs: Miley Cyrus Tweets Picture with Mom After Parents’ Split

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Twitter (@MileyCyrus)

Twitter (@MileyCyrus)

Is Miley Cyrus backing up mama Tish in her parents’ divorce? [PopCrush]

Speaking of MiCy, is her new single about Liam Hemsworth? [J-14]

If you were looking forward to a Selena Gomez/Ed Sheeran collab, we hate to burst your bubble, but… [Just Jared Jr.]

Fans of Justin Bieber got the surprise of a lifetime at Cody Simpson‘s recent concert. [Clevver]

Not a Belieber? Then this is for you: [SparkNotes]

The new Britney Spears single is surprisingly good… for Britney Spears. [Crushable]

Everything you need to know in life you can learn from Glee‘s Rachel Berry. [HelloGiggles]

Disneyland + Ashley Benson = the most fun day ever! [Wetpaint]

Kim Kardashian had her baby! But will she ever be pregnant again? [Gossip Girl]

The Amanda Bynes Crazy Train: Is it all just an act? [Hollywire]

FACT: You could have a crush and not even know about it. [Gurl]

Umm, can ‘Take Your Dog to School’ Day be a real thing? [HuffPost Teen]

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  • surai


  • Anna C.

    I don’t think she is choosing sides at all. The media makes small things bigger than they are. A divorce is hard for the parents and children and I think Miley is just being a support system for her mom and sister. Miley has talked about having a close relationship with her dad so I just think the tabloids ran out ideas and need something to talk about.

  • Anna C.

    I don’t think she’s choosing sides at all. The media always turns small things into something their not. Just because she’s hanging out with her mom doesn’t mean she’s ditching her dad. She could just be supporting her, a divorce is hard for both the parent and children even if they don’t live together anymore.

  • Sammy

    I’m guessing Miley is going to live with her mom.