Which Music Group (or Duo) is #1? See the Leaderboard

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Music Group 2013 Leaderboard: Big Time Rush, Little Mix, Jonas BrothersThe competition is now down to 12 in the race for Best Music Group (or Duo)! But before we eliminate any of the following — P.S. Emblem3 was just kicked out — we want you to see where your faves are in the rankings at this point in time compared to our last leaderboard.

1. One Direction (+1)
2. Fifth Harmony (-1)
3. Before You Exit
4. Jedward (+4)
5. Cimorelli (-1)
6. Big Time Rush
7. Little Mix (-2)
8. IM5 (+3)
9. Maroon 5 (-2)
10. The Wanted
11. Jonas Brothers (-2)
12. R5

Who deserves the top spot? Vote daily, and make sure to tell all your friends to get their click on. We’ll be conducting more eliminations sooner than you think!

Vote for the #1 Music Group!

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  • stephanie

    I think before you exit should win they have awesome music and you could relate to their songs as well, they should really win they deserve it <3 :) #GoBYE!

  • stephanie

    before you exit all the way!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  • laura

    goooo r5

  • ByeRegina

    Guys pls vote for Before You Exit! Pls give them a chance to become big someday! If your reading this and voted for them.. Thank you so much! Much love to you! :) <3

  • Christina

    R5, IM5, and BEFORE YOU EXIT are all on here!!! so hard to chooose!

  • Ryan

    Truth is: One Direction, Jonas Brothers, Maroon 5, The Wanted and Big Time Rush shouldn’t be on here. They’re already famous. It’s not like they need the publicity. Give the spotlight to someone who deserves it, but also actually needs it. The bands that are already famous and have a huge following are over shadowing the ones who don’t yet. I bet that the people who vote for the bigger bands haven’t even listened to the other groups. Some, no MOST of them are really good. They deserve a chance.

    • Aby

      We really agree with you Ryan!
      Jedward (our favourite group) is not very famous and they neeed more publicity, so, please VOTE JEDWARD!!!

  • Haley

    I think Before You Exit should be #1:)

    • Clare

      I Super AGREE with you!!!