EXCLUSIVE: Cher Lloyd Talks Demi, Plus Miley Cyrus as a Great Role Model

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Cher Lloyd‘s got new music, guys. Except this time, she’s working with Ne-Yo — and her fans! As part of her stint with Fruttare Fruit Bars, the “With Ur Love” singer worked on a duet with the “Let Me Love You” crooner to create the newly-released “It’s All Good” song.

So, we chatted up the 19-year-old to talk about her latest gig with Fruttare, plus who she considers to be great role models at the moment — psst, Miley Cyrus is one of ‘em! — as well as some great collaborations she’s worked on recently. (Anyone else have “Really Don’t Care” with Demi Lovato going through their heads right about now? Come on, it can’t just be us.) Read on for our exclusive Q&A, Brats!

Teen: Can you talk a little about your campaign with Fruttare and Ne-Yo?
Cher Lloyd:
The campaign is based on a tagline of ‘It’s all good’ and looking on the bright side. So basically, we started this campaign off and the brand decided they wanted to use social media to bring the fans closer to actually help write the song. So, they asked the fans to send in #itsallgood moments, and we actually looked through the submissions, picked the ones we liked the most and we used them in the song. The fans seem to be loving it, so I’m really happy.

Facebook (Fruttare)

Facebook (Fruttare)

Teen: “It’s All Good” is definitely sends a great message of positivity even through tough times. What advice would you give teens who are perhaps getting bullied?
My advice for fans that are going through difficult times is to talk to someone about it. There’s nothing worse than feeling really low, and being in a bad place, than not having anyone to talk to. I really stress that to my fans a lot. It’s really important to have your friends or your family or anyone to talk to.

Teen: Speaking of your fans, your Brats actually won for Best Fan Name on Teen.com! For those who don’t know, where did the name ‘Brats’ come from?
Cher: The name ‘Brats’ came from the fans! Of course everyone nowadays — like, their fans have a name, and I feel like that’s absolutely brilliant. It brings groups of people together, the fans can talk to other fans across the globe. I think that’s incredible that they’re able to do that nowadays. They all seem to get along, so it’s really good.

Teen: You’ve worked with so many great people. Ne-Yo’s one. Demi Lovato’s obviously another. How did the opportunity with Demi come up?
I actually performed on The X Factor (U.S.) quite a few months ago now. She had invited me back to her dressing room. So, I went to the dressing room and I really got along with her, she’s such a nice girl; she’s definitely got a good heart. You know when you could just feel that from someone; a really nice person. Then later on, she had asked me if I wanted  to put down a verse on her new song on her new album, and I said ‘Yes, of course.’ I mean, I wouldn’t have turned that down. Now, we’re forming a great friendship, so I’m just really lucky that not only have I got a great song out of this, but I’ve also gained a friendship.

Twitter (@ddlovato)

Twitter (@ddlovato)

Teen: Do you think there’s potential for you two to do a joint tour?
  I feel like that would be really great. If she were to ever ask me to tour with her, I’d be absolutely thrilled. If that is an option, of course I’d love to do that.

Teen: Are there any other young stars who you think are great role models at the moment?
Cher: Definitely this new Ariana Grande chick; she seems really, really nice. Definitely a good role model for the kids. I think Miley Cyrus really stands for something. I really like what she’s doing right now. I mean, she’s taking a lot of risks, but I feel like that shows that she has passion for what she does, and she wants to explore. I think that’s something that young girls today can take from her. That it’s okay to try new things; it’s okay to step out of your box, and to explore. Hopefully my fans think that of me too.

Teen: We’ve seen you recently link up with Big Time Rush on Nickelodeon. Can you tell us about the whole experience?
Cher: It was actually a great experience. It was my first time really in front of the camera; really acting if you’d like to call it that.  It was enjoyable; it was a long day, but everyone on set was lovely. The guys from Big Time Rush were really nice. It was just a great day. It made me think of future plans too. Made me think maybe I’d like to do something like that one day.



Teen: Are you thinking more TV again? Or movies or…”
I think movies. I think I’d enjoy that. Maybe just a little cameo at first, and then tap into some more stuff, I’d really like that.

Teen: Let’s talk about your new album a little. If you could describe it in four words, what would they be?
Risky. Fun. Gritty. Heartfelt.

Teen: Do you think you’ll try your hand at more love songs/ballads?
 I do have a few ballads on this next record. I think it’s very important for me to have those little breaks in the record because I feel like I haven’t really done anything like that before, and it’s about time that I do. I’m really excited for the fans to hear me actually sing. So that should be really exciting to see the feedback on those sort of tracks.

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